- Wrong date deliver

Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 7:25am CDT by Varunkumar S.


Location: AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 91803, IN


Category: Online Shopping

I am NRI and I order a surprise cake for my brother engagement. I filled up all information for the delivery and went for payment site but they didn't accept any foreign credit card like Amex and Visa. So i have to pay with Indian credit card. But i was not aware of that due to that my delivery date is changed from original. So why online site change date from original? Even in the message for florist i clearly mention time, place and date but they even didn't read it. So they deliver a cake on different date but as it was wrong date deliver to restaurant, restaurant didn't take it. So i called again to get the refund or deliver it to other address. But they refuse to do it either with so much rude tone. Even i called to their private office but people just ignore the complain and hang up in the middle of the conversation. Thats so much unprofessional. A


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