HP Repair Center CTS Houston - Repair my notebook PC's fingerprint reader

Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 12:20pm CDT by Celtic D.

Company: HP Repair Center CTS Houston

Location: 4949 Windfern Rd
HOUSTON, TN, 77041-7502, US

URL: www.hp.com

Category: Products, Services

My computer [HP Pavilion dv7t?6100 CTO QuadCore Customized Entertainment Notebook PC Serial #5CH1410VNQ, Product/Model #LM726AV] needed the SimplePass fingerprint reader repaired, very minor issue. I called HP and Cust Svc Rep AKINPKL set up repair order #BBLY717901 on the phone. When HP Repair Center in Houston, Texas received my notebook PC on 2/07/13, Receiver ID #DOOA=DO logged it in as Model #LM418AV#ABA. DOOA=DO stole my notebook in collusion with Repair Tech #589680 who cloned my HD to LM418AV#ABA, loaded my BIOS, put my Top Cover Part3, on LM418AV#ABA, an off-the-shelf dv7old, broken laptop. I received an email on Fri. 2/8/13 at 7:42pm re: repair order #BBLY717901 was completed on Notebook Model # LM418AV#ABA by Repair Tech #589680.

Upon arrival, approx. one month later, the box label says LM726AV, but what was in the box was LM418AV#ABA, a worn?out (obviously not mine) notebook. DUE to the excessive delay in delivery, I had already been working with HP Case Managers (PROBABLY alias names) JaimeJ. & JackieH. both of HP's AMS TCO Escalations Team [Tel: 1-877-917-4380 ext. 08].

After receiving the wrong Notebook PC, I continued in my attempts to have HP send me my LM726AV and take back their broken LM418AV#ABA. I stated repeatedly, with each person I contacted that my PC LM726AV was bought for Professional purposes, as business equipment. Not a toy. I have no other means of financial support. It is urgent that this situation get resolved ASAP because this piece of trash notebook PC they sent me instead of mine does not work and I'm not able to make any money with it.

In addition to spending hours on the phone working with CMs, I spent hours on the phone in Live Chat sessions [I have chat session ID nos], and emails to Cust. Svc. [I have all of them], I snail?mailed Brooke M'scNiff, Cust Svc Manager at HP Corporate office [Name and Title from HP's Corporate Profile online. Two weeks after mailing my letter but not receiving a reply, I again looked up HP on www.hoovers.com, lo?n?behold, the name and title were removed from the profile], finally I emailed the HP Ethics and Compliance Office: [their response was: Thank you for contacting the HP Ethics Office with your report about your laptop. We have referred your information to the customer support escalation team for review and follow-up.] Apparently no one holds the Escalations Team accountable, who then doesn't hold Repair Center accountable.

HP seems to have a very cavalier attitude toward the self?employed. grinding my business to a HALT with their repair center employees colluding to steal from me and Escalations Team being complicit and stonewalling me without end.

I want HP to replace my Pavilion dv7-t notebook PC LM726AV with a NEW Pavilion dvt-t with MY customization configuration because I BOUGHT a NEW Pavilion dv7-t. I want additional software, a few other Add?ons. I want HP to make restitution ($1500.) for every month (counting from 2/2013 through which?ever month they choose to solve the problem they created in the first place.)

I'm covering my bases before I take this to Civil Court, I expect HP won't resolve this through you, either.


3ec45772, 2013-10-09, 10:22AM CDT

Any follow up to this case? It looks like HP is just plaint junk, I received an ENVY didn't open it til I sold my older laptop a month later, once I open it the screen is completely blank out, a call to HP says I broke it =.=, how can I break it when it was in HP's packaging and once removed from the box it is still flawless brand new no scratches or dents anywhere to indicate this is a broken laptop. I really need to start looking at other reliable company's laptop instead of HP laptop which my work place get special discount on.

Kamila, 2014-09-13, 08:35PM CDT

let me dissapoint you people that you talked to and repaired were not HP it was a company that was hired by HP and repair computers on their behalf. So yeah if you called complained you probably spoke to thge same represntative company that fixed your computer. They messed up but they probably are not going to fix it.

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