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Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 1:20pm CDT by 16000e21

Company: Royal Oaks Building Group

Location: 1210 Trinity Road
RALEIGH, NC, 27607, US

Category: Building, Construction

Newly Constructed Home:

1) A large gap with exposed insulation around the powder room sink pipe was obvious. Instead of acknowledging the shoddy workmanship the construction supervisor asked, "Can you live with it?"

- Three months to finally get it repaired.

2) The patio was made with rough, substandard concrete which felt like walking on broken glass. Two construction supervisors made the excuse that it 'hadn't cured yet'.

- Four months of aggravation for it to finally be re-poured.

3) The company says the back yard will be seeded. They use Annual Ryegrass which is temporary and turns completely brown in four months.

- No resolution for this.

4) The custom paint color allowed for one room was not used. Two construction supervisors and the warranty coordinator claimed it was used because it was similar to the standard color. Research at the paint store proved the custom color was never obtained.

- After months of emails and discussion the Warranty coordinator stated 'the room will not be repainted'.

5) The company promotes Energy Star rated homes. After years building homes in the community they still say they are working on obtaining the certificates.

Above are the biggest issues. Several other ones with excuses and denials were also encountered.

- Suggestion: Choose another builder.


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