Alstrasoft Revou - AlstraSoft Scam, No technical knowledge, price quotes to cheat your money, NOT from USA/Canada

Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 12:04pm CDT by jamie m.

Product: Clone Script Alstrasoft

Company: Alstrasoft Revou

Location: SG


Category: Online Scams

Alstrasoftin their official website states that they offer customization work, and clone softwares at cheap prices. What it offers is too good to be true, and it is.

After many conversations through email with them, i find that they are only into making and cheating money off from the so-called services that they offer. Usually i have also contact other web builders, and they handle questionnares professionally. Alstrasoft however, does not seem to have much technical knowledge. They try to get information or ideas off from the users during conversations in emails.

For esample, quote from him in my email "Do you have the free script at (company)so that I can check the system structure and evaluate on the work required for the custom design and integration into the system?". You can see that he is a scam, and pretending to want to diagnose enquiry, and ripping off info from users, like me.

The website seems to be a one-man show, it seems it is always the same person contacting me by the name ?ohn Ross, i believe this is a fake name of course. He seems to be very free replying my emails on weekends, and every few hours. How efficient! Even sales departments or company employees need a rest. It seems he's working from home in this personal business of his. Very much different from the company business portrayed in the website, as though there is a team and proper business running.

After my last email to [email protected], i asked where he's from, which country? I did not receive any reply. I'm from south east asia, and the timezone here is at least 8 hours apart from USA, but he replies in just 2 hours. Seems like he is from my timezone, Not USA/canada. Do not be suckered by this website Alstrasoft.


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