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Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 10:28pm CDT by d6fecbab

Product: Landscaping and pond

Company: Cherry Creek Hardscapes

Location: 2892 S Zenobia St
DENVER, CO, 80226, US


Category: Home, Garden

This contractor quoted $2200 to repair and make our pond not leak. He started September 26 and when he (finally) ?finished? October 28, he signed off and said ?will repair any leaks? and was paid in full. The pond has not been run since last September because it does leak and running a pond which is low on water ruins the pump.

He was hired to fix the pond and didn?t fix it. He said that he didn?t contract to replace the skimmer, but we were forced to purchase a new skimmer because he told me that was the only idea he had to make it not leak. We agreed to spend the extra money to purchase a skimmer and he agreed to replace it at no additional charge because he promised the pond would not leak

He has promised for the last 8 months on numerous occasions to make time to install the skimmer, but he never shows. Most recently, on June 27, he promised to come out and repair it on Saturday 6/29, no show no call no email! July 1, he said he would be there on the 4th, at 10:24am, he said he would be there after noon then he called 3:02pm on the 4th and said he couldn?t make it that day but would be there first thing yesterday, July 8 (he also texted that he would be there yesterday). Of course, he didn?t show up again, did not reply to phone calls, texts or emails.

He also damaged severely our lawn with cement and damaged the planters around the pond when "fixing" the pond and rock wall. He was contracted to make our pond not leak and it leaks at least as badly now than it did before!


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