Sofas 2GO - Rec'd Torn Red Leather Sofa

Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 3:56pm CDT by Milissa D.

Product: Red Leather Sofa

Company: Sofas 2GO

Location: 2985 S. State Hwy 360, Suite 150

Category: Furniture

Sofas2Go - Grand Prairie, TX/Complaint

6/21/13-Purchased a red leather sofa with no damages from their showroom floor.

6/24/13-Received delivery of red leather sofa after 6 p.m. (their last delivery of the day) / sofa was placed in my garage, no inspection on my part and signed delivery ticket. Please note: The delivery guys never stopped to have me to inspect the sofa. They immediately placed it in my garage.

6/30/13-Discovered tear on front base of sofa after placing sofa in the sunlight just outside my garage. I can provide pictures.

7/1/13-E-mailed [email protected] and called Tony at Sofas2Go, was advised the owner was not willing to accept it back that it was sold as is. Advised by Tony to discuss with owner personally. I was never able to reach the owner. Contacted my credit card company and spoke to Ashley with Capital One Visa to dispute charge and pursue what options that I had.

7/2/13-Stephanie w/Capital One Visa and I conferenced called Sofas2Go. Manager, Ulonda Hamill answered and advised that I take a picture and send to her cell #972.824.6549 of the tear. She said she would call me the next day. She did not. I sent 3 pictures to Ulonda.

7/6/13-Called Ulonda Hamill regarding the sofa asking her to give me a call. She did not.

7/8/13-Stephanie w/Capital One Visa phoned me and we conferenced called Ulonda Hamill. Ulonda explained there was nothing they could do since I signed the delivery receipt. This is not good business and I explained that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau. My credit card representative advised that I do the same since Sofas 2GO dispute is the signed-off delivery ticket to back them up.

Their defense that they are sticking to is that I signed off on the delivery receipt (did not receive a copy of it) and it is my word against theirs on the damage.

Can you help me? I hate to be out $545.38 for a torn red leather sofa.


Business Reply  37025f30, 2013-11-10, 05:01PM CST

This poor lady is so dillusional. I am the manager of Sofas 2 Go in Grand Prairie. She purchased a "clearance" Sold as is bonded leather sofa. The $545.38 included delivery and tax. She Had us deliver to her garage with stacks of ceramic tile, refused to inspect it when it was delivered, then almost 2 weeks later calls saying she has a rip in the front. She did send pictures to my personal cell phone which she has plastered all over the internet. There is indeed a small puncture type of rip about 3/4 of an inch long on the bottom of the front. It looks like it could have been torn by tile being moved around. The issue we had is that she signed the delivery ticket accepting it as okay. She did not inspect it. I dont know why she did not see it until it was in the sunlight outside the garage unless she damaged it on the way out. Bottom line is... We have a no refund or return policy on clearance sold as is products which she signed when she made the purchase. Had she inspected it upon delivery, the delivery team would have called me with any issue she had such as a rip. They would not have left it. She signed off on the delivery ticket saying everything was okay. She waited over a WEEK (June 21-July 1) before calling about the tear and asked me to give her another sofa "in any color that we had left". We are saddened that she is unhappy, but had she inspected it on delivery we would not be having this dialog.

4d853d6b, 2013-11-12, 03:50PM CST

I am not delusional. The manager needs to learn how to spell. I am highly dis-satisfied on receiving a sofa that had a tear on it whether I looked at it or not. When I purchased the sofa, it had no tear / when I went to have it placed in my home, the tear was discovered. There has been no one moving anything around in my garage that would have caused this. There was no tile being moved or shuffled around after this sofa was delivered. I did not refuse to inspect it, I just didn't think that there was a problem with the sofa upon delivery until I finally looked at it 8 days later (not 2 weeks as stated by manager) when needing to have it placed inside my home. No, the sofa was not damaged on the way out of the garage either. There are times when a customer buys furniture that they are not ready to place in the home yet, which is why I had it delivered in the garage until my room was ready for it. This company's best defense is "once you sign off on their delivery ticket" that is pretty a customer's problem on damaged goods. That stinks as a company doing business this way and I do not recommend them NOR will I ever do business with them again. I've learned my $545.38 mistake - always check a delivery before ever having it placed inside your home no matter where it is placed including a garage. Sofa's To Go does not offer good customer service by any means.

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