Blackpool Group Inc - Investment Scam

Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 5:51pm CDT by guy p.

Product: Financial Services

Company: Blackpool Group Inc

Location: 575 Madison Avenue, 10th floor
NEW YORK, NY, 10022, US


Category: Business, Finances

Jonathan Cross and Nelson Shapiro, the 2 directors of Blackpool Group misrepresented their company saying they managed a $250 million fund interested in investing $5 million into a smaller Hedge Fund which was to be formed and started by them for me to use in my real estate business. They asked me to pay $25,000 in upfront fees to prepare the documents and form the entities.

The agreement with Blackpool was to provide the fund with $5 million by June 23rd 2013 or return the $25,000. After repeated lies about the delayed funds they were not able to perform and have not returned the $25,000 as per their agreement. They are now not responding to any correspondence.

They have also scammed 2 other businesses and all details of their other scams can be obtained from S&Z Fund Services, 145 PInelawn Rd, Suite 200, Melville NY 11747. Tel 631.368.3110


Business Reply  Jonathan C., 2013-11-03, 06:10PM CST

This "complaint" was posted by Guy Prudhomme as part of a vicious attempt to extort BlackPool Group and its management.

Unfortunately, BlackPool has now filed a lawsuit in New York (see link below) in an attempt to resolve the issue.

guy p., 2013-11-10, 05:08PM CST

Jonathan C. Continues to lie and to try to deceive. The suit he mentions is technically faulty and without merit, it is an ill disguised attempt to cover up a scam. We have a counter claim for over half a million dollars against Blackpool (see link below) Both Cross and Shapiro are being sought by other companies who want to file suit against them and they cannot be found to be served the suit. Their Blackpool office in New York is a virtual office and they do not go there. These guys know what they are doing to get your money.

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