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Posted on Sunday, July 7th, 2013 at 2:08pm CDT by Laurie H.

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My complaint is against PROTECT YOUR HOME - Installer for ADT Home Security, and their pathetic canned response. (below) They are totally MISSING MY KEY POINTS with their general canned response. Check Angie's List for other complaints against them, and I hope that more consumer's make 100% certain they read the fine print, and get signature's from the representative!!


TO COMPLAINTS.COM PLEASE NOTE - Protect Your Home provides an email address that your site deems as INVALID so in order to get this posted, I am USING MY EMAIL ADDRESS. Figures they would provide an invalid address, which is -

Member Comments:

I initiated ADT installation. I was not aware at the time I was dealing with Protect Your Home. In my absence my husband signed the contract. The rep from PYH did NOT sign it. During the length of service there were SEVERAL false alarms at which point I told them I was considering cancelling the service. I did end up cancelling on Sept. 2012 due to moving to a different part of the state. At the time of speaking to the rep never once was I informed that there would be a penalty for discontinuing the service. She did say I could pay another $100 for the equipment to be installed at my new address. I asked why I would want to do that when I was told I would keep the equipment that was in my possession and what I had already paid $100 for???? I declined thinking to myself, what a greedy grab.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I received a phone message stating I was sent to a collection agency. I called ADT and was told there was no record of them sending me to collections. Through digging I was told about their "authorized dealer". I contacted them and after I relayed my story, was sent to one of their directors, "Brett". He wasn't there so I left a message. I called today to speak with him, and was rudely told by TINA that it was sent to collections and there was nothing she could do so she hung up on me.

I ended up paying thr 75% of what was due on the contract. ADT took the money owed from PYH and PYH in turn collected from me through the collection agency. IF I HAD BEEN TOLD OF WHAT WOULD HAPPEN SHOULD I CANCEL SERVICE, I WOULD HAVE PAID THEIR ADDITIONAL $100 AND TRANSFERRED SERVICE. Not having read the contract, because PYH allowed my husband to do so and he didn't give it to me not thinking at the time there would be a reason, here we are.

Please note that if you use ANY HOME SECURITY SYSTEM, you will NOT DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THEM, BUT THROUGH A SECOND PARTY. So consumer beware. PROTECT YOUR HOME is in my opinion, a poor representative to ADT, and ADT is protected by using someone else to represent them. My advice for home security? GET A LARGE DOG.

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Company Response:

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We do announce that we are an authorized dealer for ADT on all of our phone calls, and our contract also displays that information as well. We are the largest authorized dealer for ADT in the U.S. The sales call and the contract both advise of the 36 month term of contract. We do offer a mover's process to help customers avoid early termination of the contract and it does charge $99 to move the system. Thank you for your feedback-Marla Walker Customer Advocate


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