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Posted on Saturday, July 27th, 2013 at 9:01am CDT by Stephanie W.

Product: On Line Job

Company: United Billing Services

Location: 925line rd w. Base STE 105 #G3 or 7942 w. Bell Rd. Glendale Az 85308
TEMPE, AZ, 85283, US

URL: unitedbillingservices.biz

Category: Online Scams

It all started in Feb.2013 when I recieved this call for a online job. I really dont know how they got my number because it is unlisted!! This gentleman called, had a nice confersation stateing I can make money at home on my computor, sounds great at that time in my life my full time job cut us back to part time. He explained how this all works, sound simple but through all of this confersation it was all verbal and he started asking if I had credit cards I said yes and then we talked some more and still does not give me information on terms or policys. He did say that I should give these company's a few months and If I was not satisfied I could Opt-out or cancell oh this sounded great, well with in a day I received a call from a account advisor from there company and the first thing she says is how many credit cards do I have and how much money I would like to earn per month, I am now getting nevous something is not right. This avisor was very persistant and would not take no for an answer. That day I was rushed to the libray to receive some faxes, the whole time I was on the phone with them, not really haveing any time to read any of the paper work. That night a red flag went up in my mind could not sleep!!! I called and cancelled all my credit cards. Then they called again and and wanted to know why I cancelled, I explained I was looking for a job to make money not give money, she explain how I would make a percent of all sales, well she went on and on and finally convinced me to go on with this program!! I am to recieve a training packet which containd 3 CD,s and some paper work, I watched and read everything they also wanted my social security number. Could not sleep that night, this was not for me so I called my credit cards and cancelled again. I called and talked to there advisor again and said I want a letter to sign and cancell the program she was upset did not say much and hung up. I tried emails, and several phone calls, no response I sent every thing back, even kept track online found out some companys dont have a real address and they all have several phone numbers, and several company's involved you cant reach any one directly. I have tried to get my money back for 4 months. They recieved money on three cards, so I sent out letters to make a claim on my cards. I have done everything I was advised to do! These company's These company's recieved a total of $7,500.00. It seams I have been credited $2,000.00 too one card. I still have a Exspence for $5,500.00 an nothing to show for it. I feel I have been lied to, and have been stolen from!!! I want every one out there to know. EVERYTHING IS A LIE AND PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERYONE ESPECIALLY IN THESE HARD TIMES PLEASE BEWARE!!!

I have learned a valuable lesson here. I trust no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ce6f32d0, 2013-12-26, 10:51AM CST

Am I to understand a stranger called you out of the blue and you proceeded to give them your credit cards numbers? Then, you cancelled them , only to give the new numbers out again? WHAT????

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