Mont Blanc Manhattan - Ushered Out of The Store

Posted on Saturday, July 6th, 2013 at 12:50pm CDT by Dee F.

Product: Mont Blanc watch

Company: Mont Blanc Manhattan

Location: US

Category: Jewelry, Watches

Walked into the Mont Blanc store in Manhattan on 5 July to get information about having my montblanc watch fitted. I was practically ushered out of the store by a little Asian salesperson indicating that they could not do it. Strange, I gave the same watch to my best friend who was able to have it sized in California. Perhaps, I needed to have my diamonds, and show my montblanc leather goods. It's amazing that people still judge by appearance. No matter how educated I might be or dollars that I earn. It's funny how these sales folks give a bad name to such a wonderful product.


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