Best Western Stoneridge Inn - Best Western Stoneridge Inn Rip Off

Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 8:40pm CDT by Don M.

Product: hotel

Company: Best Western Stoneridge Inn

Location: LONDON, ON, CA

Category: Hotels

had hotel and small on grounds church booked for wedding.....had to cancel wedding with a months notice.....all other companies we dealt with respectfully kept small deposit and returned all other monies...NOT the best western stoneridge inn..they refused to return 1 penny of the 4200.00 we had given to hold venue....even kept over 500.oo for taxes when there was nothing to tax..not one service was rendered....also kept over 600.oo for gratuities..even one to tip..not 1 drink was served..not one spoonful of food ladled..what a JOKE!!my wife and i are not that well off that we can just spend 4200.00 like that..but we learnt the hard way...not a respectfull business at all that stoneridge inn...oh well...if my daughter marries for real next time...HOLIDAY INN ALL THE WAY!!!!!they made sure to cover themselves with a tricky fineprint contract...we will lose all of our money of course..even tho they WILL rebook both church and smmall hall we had booked


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