Dell Inc. - Model XPS M2010

Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 5:00pm CDT by Richard A.

Product: Dell XPS M2010

Company: Dell Inc.

Location: 1 Dell Way


Category: Computers, Software

My computer was manufactured with a Defect that is a reoccurring problem that is very costly, this is one of the main components not a cosmetic flaw without this part properly functioning you have a 35lb door stop, Many other consumers that have the same model also have been trying to deal with this problem, this problem is caused by poor manufacturing standards, BAD SOLDER on the video card boards, this can not be limited to a Warranty because it was a manufacturing problem that should have been addressed long ago, I just had my video card replaced about 6 months ago and now it has the very same problem and Dell has been fully aware of this problem and has made NO attempt to remedy the consumers that bought this model, XPS M2010. All the people that have had this problem want to start a Class Action law suit and honestly I don?t blame them, Dell is fully responsible for remedying this problem, this is not a $500.00 computer it was over $3500.00. Anyone that owns one of these POS should immediately file a BBB complaint, Dell has been fully aware of this existing problem but chooses to ignore any course of action to remedy this problem, they will attempt to say that the warranty has expired but just like a Car if there is a manufacturers defect that has the probability of failure due to the manufacturers fault that manufacturer is held responsible.


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