Ford - Ford: NeLook Same Bad Customer Support

Posted on Thursday, July 4th, 2013 at 9:25am CDT by saul l.

Product: Mustang 2012

Company: Ford

Location: ENGLEWOOD, CO, 80111, US

Category: Products, Services

I own a 2012 ford mustang with only 12,442 miles. I have been into the dealership 6 times to repair the unsafe front end suspension that continues to literally get loose (I mean the BOLTS), squeak, pop and make very loud bangs.

Ford acknowledged the issue. What did they do? Told me to go to the Better Business Bureau if I want any compensation. Really?

So I complained more and asked to have the case escalated. Two levels of managers later, Ford finally offered me 2 extra years of coverage. I went to get the policy and they changed it to only 1 year. I could not believe it. I called customer support and they were having computer issues (sure) and said they would call me back in a few hours. That was two days ago!. They just don?t care is the bottom line.

So, after my 3 yr 36,000 mi warranty is up I will be left holding the bag! This problem is not going away and I they expect me to pay for a design problem!

Beware! The Ford products may look different but it is the same lousy customer support company it has been in the past. If they produce a bad car, their attitude is You Own It. Shocking but true. How is the Dealership supposed to repair a BAD DESIGN? Impossible.

Ford may not have learned their lesson about screwing customers but I have about buying another Ford.

Never again!


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