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Posted on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 at 3:41am CDT by Usha R.

Product: Flowers and Gifts


Location: #6/6 , 4th cross, begur road, hongasandra,bomanahalli bangalore,Karnataka India - 560041


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I placed an order for a Heart Shaped Cake, Chocolates and a 12" Teddy to gift an Anniversary Couple paying extra for the delivery charges.

When the order was delivered , I heard from the couple I understood that they have delivered the wrong products. When called to complain to do the needful they just asked us to send a mail and a feedback will be given to us once they check on the same. There was no feedback and called again but there was no reply. Called from a different number then the call was picked by another person stating the mail was not received.

Sent another mail to the id given and called again no response. Once again made the call but they had set the number to buzy tone. Called once again the phone was switched off. Then called from different number then the call was answered.

They had delivered round shape ordinary cake and a 6" Teddy. The explanation given was they did not have the shape we ordered and delivered 8" Teddy instead. The order was placed by confirming the details over the phone and by chatting online with My Flower


Very harshly said that they cannot do anything after receiving the full amount in advance from us and sent a mail that we are a Cheat.


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Raju G., 2013-12-02, 05:18AM CST

i have ordered bday cake and flowers combo with opted for midnight delivery but no one called me and no one delivered the gift.amount 2200 deducted from my account.i have called to customer care number it is not lifting the phone after some time it is switched off

very wrost service from this website ..

Raju G., 2013-12-02, 10:47AM CST

next day morning i have called customer care more than 30 times they are not lifted phone.finally 31st time they are lifted the phone no proper response from them.they have cut my call in the middle.agaiin i have call backed to same number but they dont lift the phone.till now i did n't received my order.due to this website i totally spoiled my celebrations.

no proper response from them.

Finally Friends Please don't order any gift or anything on the

very worst service i have received from them

c6a58982, 2014-02-25, 03:07PM CST

Very Disappointed. I have ordered an arrangement of 20 roses, but what i got is piece of crap with 15 roses.

I called the customer care , it is just a mobile number (not a proper customer care unit) and they are not responding properly as well.

To ask them to deliver what I ordered, I called them nearly 100 times but that a** holes disconnecting my call each time and finally i called from an other number to speak to them.

Till now I didn't received the delivery. the entire occasion was spoiled because of this stupid.

Pls dont believe this people based on the website, like me. Only they showcase in the website but they will not deliver the same.

As a lawyer I am pretty aware of these issue.. I have registered a complaint in the nearest police station for online forgery (Section 468,Section 464,Section 469), spoiling customer loyalty (Section 420,Section 417)

I will highly appreciate, if someone avoid MY FLOWER GIFT

4cbc9eba, 2014-03-22, 03:08AM CDT

I also had similar experience with the same people last week. I ordered for 20 yellow roses and received only 12 and the bouquet was completely different, just looks like the ordinary one that we can get for 250 rs and they charged 850 from me. The cake was also different and the delivery was supposed to be inthe morning but delivered in the evening. After payment their customer service will become worse and they dont answer the call and no reply to the emails. Even thier tone changed and one time they answered my call and she was too arrogant and disconnected the call in between. I will never consider them again and the worst service i ever saw in my life!!!

40b5d293, 2014-05-11, 09:35AM CDT

This is my first testimony In my life. my flower gift is the worst experience i have ever had. I have placed an order for some orchids ( Rs 1300) and chocolate fantasy cake (Rs 649) and on time delivery Rs 200. I wanted all these to be delivered around 7:30 to 8:00 am for my mum for Mother's Day. Since it was not delivered I called them it was switched off. I msged them in their website. The person who was n the chat asked me to call up after 10:30. When I asked abt the status, they logged off. I called up after 10:30 the person who picked asked me for order number which I did not have when I called. She hung up on me. I called several times .no answer. After many call, a man picked a call he said he will also deliver extra chocolate box which is worth 250. But can't tell when it will be deliver. I asked why did d lady hung up on me.. He said he got customers waiting online and he has no time to answer my questions. I told him that it's not d way to treat a customer. The man was very rude.. He was like' I got many customer who placed order for 10000.. I'm nothing to him'.I told him if I don't get my money back I will raise a compliant.. Again he challenged me that I can do what ever I want and I can do nothing. He will not deliver nor return my payment. He also said that im lucky that I live n abroad if not he would troubled me. He literally threatened me. When I heard that I got pissed off .. we both had a heated conversation. It's total waste. I thought there are not going to deliver. But Finally the flowers got delivered at 7:30 pm. that is 12 hours LATE. flowers were all dried and pathetic looking. It's not even worth for single penny. Looked like it was picked from trash outside some wedding hall. hardly 3 dried orchids and 3 dried roses were there. The cake was horrible. it was stale. total WASTE of money.It's not safe doing business with them. It's my mistake tat I did not read the reviews. . They are more eager to collect the payment. Once they receive the payment they say its not big money. I wish I could raise a compliant with police.its a fraud business which need to be shut. They play with people's emotion and money. They deserve a tight slap.

Sam, 2014-05-18, 08:46AM CDT

Highly disappointed with MFGs service! They ruined a special occasion by not living up to our expectations! My wife and I send cakes to India on a regular basis and we tried MFG this time. The cake delivered was completely different from what was advertised on their website. Poor quality and pathetic packaging! We had ordered for a card along with the cake. My parents didn't receive the card. They didn't even provide a knife to cut the cake, considering they charged $23. The cake was delivered late in the evening in-spite of opting for an early delivery. The entire top layer of the cake was stuck to the inner layer of the cardboard lid which ruined the icing and the message! I also heard an autorickshaw driver delivered it! They are a shady company and you have to avoid them at all costs! I am so mad I want to report them!!!!

Surya G., 2014-06-22, 12:08PM CDT

A complete disaster and a total disappointment.

I regret not reading all these reviews.

I ordered dry fruit basket worth Rs. 1350 and 6 pcs of balloon worth Rs. 250.

Delivery person has said all balloons were broken and not even a single balloon was delivered including the message tag. How can it be told for something that is charged Rs. 250 for 6 pcs.

With the dry fruit basket, it was not even the basket as given in the picture in the website, looked like a gift roll with so called dry fruits in it, 90% filled with rock candy, how in the world "rock candy - kalkandu" was included in dry fruits. One can spot 1 almond. Picture in the site deceived like 4 equal parts of almond, cashews, pistachios and dry grapes in a good looking basket, that too they had confirmed 1 kg. So, gr8 job delivering rock candy with few name sake dry fruits in a "gift paper!!!!", I have the picture if you want one, I never thought this would be a cheating site with fake pictures.

Gr8 job guys cheating people, bought a gr8 disappointment for Rs. 1600.

5f65dac8, 2014-07-10, 05:16AM CDT

My flower gift is simply fraud company .Dont deal with this company i have order 9th july cake and flower till 10th july there are not delivery even i called 10 times customer care there number was switch off and they are very ruled .

Dont waste your money .

Rithika, 2014-08-01, 04:41AM CDT

No match between the pictures put up on the site and what they sent!

I was so disappointed by what was sent! I had ordered something entirely different and spent about Rs1450. The basket of flowers I had selected online and what was sent had absolutely no connection. They sent something which can merely pass as flowers.

If you just want to something to be delivered then you are on the right site but if you want something beautiful to be sent then do not proceed with Myflowergift!

I had also ordered two red heart shaped balloons but they sent two ordinary yellow balloons. I had also ordered chocolate fantasy but what they sent looked very different.

Very disappointing!

12538b41, 2015-05-17, 08:24PM CDT

I have paid for exact time delivery 8 am in the morning but it delivered at 4pm in the evening. I paid for 20 roses with basket and then sent very basic bouquet with 15 roses. When u call them their handphones are switched off. They are the cheater!!!

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