Lot Vantage AKA That's Us., Growth Technologies Intl.Company, LotVantage - company doesn't stop chargeing after cancelation , refuses to refund fraud Internet

Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 10:54am CDT by Auto D.

Product: Internet advetising

Company: Lot Vantage AKA That's Us., Growth Technologies Intl.Company, LotVantage

Location: 4920 West Cypress Street, Suite 104
TAMPA, FL, 33607, US

URL: social.lotvantage.com/

Category: Internet Services

Our company had hired lot vantage for Internet services to assist in out online programs . After several months of trying there service, we found nothing but difficult to use and poor customer service. Our salesman left and sent them all cancelation documents. lot vantage's company acknowledge receiving .

The company continued to bill to a corporate credit card (I'm sure with the assumption the biller wouldn't notice), Unfortunately they were correct in there fraud and deception, our account payable, knowing it had been previously billed, didn't know it should have ended. The management agreed to refund the erroneous billings but after waiting and many phone calls the CFO of the company Mike Dean called our company and states "Dude I don't care what you've been told I'm not refunding you any thing" when questioned he stated it wasn't his problem.

Beware this is a common practice for crooks like this theses types of company's are predators and pray on honest business to facilitate collecting hope for company errors. if you sign with them you'll be paying for nothing in service or product. As well of course even when you cancel they will continue to try and steal from you.


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