Apple Store - App Store Took my Money from PrePaid Cards and Won't Let me Use it

Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 2:08pm CDT by Paulo M.

Product: Apple Store

Company: Apple Store

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software


FOUR days ago, I was trying to make a in-app purchase with my Apple iPad and got the message: "Purchase Could not be completed, for assistance contact iTunes Suppor at".

I opened a ticket at the website, as instructed. Almost a DAY later i got a response that they were looking into the matter, but it "looks like a transaction failed to process". I said it was impossible, there was enough available limit on the credit card.

But anyway, based on that feedback (AND I HAVE ALL THE E-MAILS), I bought pre-paid iTunes cards, total of US$ 300.00, and redeemed them into my account. The balance is now US$ 304.24. Then I changed the credit card option to NONE, so to be sure they would use my ALREADY paid money.

Surprise, same result. The truth is account is blocked. It was never a credit card issue.

The point is, the DAYS are passing and I got no solution so this SIMPLE matter. Total lack of respect and consideration towards the customers, that's a shame, Apple!

I have money spent on that, and I have my rights to use it! If you have a credit card, NEVER NEVER give your money to Apple to use it later. I'm sure I'll never make that mistake again.

Also, is there anyone that could give me a legal advice as what can i do now, since they're not solving the matter?



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