Lawrenceville Highway Dental Group - Poor Dental Service

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 6:43pm CDT by Awakened 1.

Product: Bad Dental Service

Company: Lawrenceville Highway Dental Group

Location: 2785 Lawrenceville Highway Ste 103
DECATUR, GA, 30033, US


Category: Products, Services

I recently went to a dentist on Friday, June 29 who is now telling me that I still have remaining liniments still enlarged in my gums (I paid to have a tooth pulled) which is causing a serious infection and constant pain. The dentist (Lawrenceville Dental Group) who performed the work are refusing to adequately complete the job because I am being told the dentist who originally performed the work is no longer working there & they want to re-charge me to pay for the X-raysConsultation at a discounted price there claim is they only guarantee work for up to one year of service the service was performed back in 2008.

I am in constant pain and need them to finish the job that I paid them to do I have paid this establishment thousands of dollars for services rendered and now that I need their assistance they have turned their backs on a good standing and paying customer who now need professional assistant.

I am also told the heart pain I've been dealing with for the last few years mostly likely is caused due to this remaining tooth that is affecting my heart and health Ive only been able to eat slices of watermelon and apple sauce for the past week now I no longer have dental insurance at this time and have just paid another dentist Friday $65 who already took X-rays and performed their own assessment of the problem tooth. This company can easily request for such files from another professional dental provider.

The antibiotics & pain meds are not working. I was extremely civil with the former dentists I never raised my voice or became argumentative with them. I told the office manager I was in pain and needed dire assistance why should I re-pay for something that Ive already paid for what I thought was professional dental care when it is their own dental professional who failed me to perform the recommended dental bar requirements and this could be considered to be dental malpractice.


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