Assurance Wireless/Nexus Communications/Reachout mobile - Ripped off by Reachout Mobile/Assurance Wireless/Nexus Communications

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 2:12pm CDT by 2272b75c

Company: Assurance Wireless/Nexus Communications/Reachout mobile

Location: US

Category: Consumer Electronics

Below is the response from my complaint(about the cell phone only) about my government celllphone to Reachout Mobile/Nexus Communications/Assurance Wireless. All three are apparently the same company.

We appreciate your effort in reaching us through our website and we apologize for such inconvenience. We would like to let you know that Reachout Wireless is no longer send a free replacement phone. The option that we can do as off this time is to purchase an upgrade phone or find a compatible phone wherein we could transfer your service into.

To purchase and upgrade phone customer could go to our website under and click on upgrade phone to check for the phone available. And for switch option please be reminded that In order for the phone to work with Reachout Wireless, the phone must be de-active, CDMA handset (GSM handsets, or phones that use SIM cards to work are not compatible). REACHOUT WIRELESS CANNOT ACTIVATE BLACKBERRY HANDSETS! The phone has to have been previously active through any one of these companies but does not guarantee it will work and the phone that we support are phones from -Verizon -Alltel -PagePlus -U.S. Cellular. And please be reminded that any handset that is packaged for the Verizon Wireless Prepaid Service is NOT compatible with Reachout Wireless. Also any handset that has been previously active through Verizon Wireless Prepaid Service is NOT compatible with Reachout Wireless.In order for us to have another phone we could either purchase an upgrade phone or switch (have a compatible phone where we could transfer your service into )

If your handset meets all the criteria mentioned above we can switch the service to another handset. Since our website is not working due to system maintenance we advised to call our customer support at 1-877-870-9444 or you can reply to this email and provide us with the ESN or MEID number of the phone that you would want to switch the service to.

You can locate the MEID/ESN by removing the battery of the phone and at the back of the phone you will see the ESN or MEID. Below are the ESN formats:

-ESN HEX: Eg. 17BF197A ( 8 Digit Alpha-Numeric with letters A-F)

-ESN DEC: Eg. 02187269123 ( 11 Digit numeric number)

-MEID HEX: Eg. A00000012bd59f ( 14-digit Alpha-Numeric with letters A-F)

And also in order for us to update your account with your new delivery address. Please provide us with your Reachout Wireless phone number, Your complete name and previouse address.

Please reply to this email and let us know if you have further questions or contact us thru our LIVECHAT at or call our Customer Support at 1-877-870-9444.

Thank you.

Raydian N. Calimon (i)

Reachout Wireless Complaints Resolution

Email Address: [email protected]

Office Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST


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