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Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 9:35pm CDT by 54048c5b

Product: Mobile app


Location: 121 Jiang Cheng Dajie Dandong ,LiaoNing 118000


Category: Computers, Software

I hired Lao Hu on to do a app game project in March 2013. The project was to be completed by May 2013. Lao hu from in China assured me he can do the project. I paid Lao hu $8500 which is half of the $16,000 project cost. In return, I was suppose to get a prototype of the game app. I notice in April 2013 he kept making excusing about the project and the delays got longer. I also notice I had to constantly beg him for updates which I thought was a little unusual. Most good app developers will keep you in the loop with updates. I also notice him complaining how hard the project which made me a little concern because Mr Lao Hu assured me several times he could do the project. Initially, I was patience but got worried when the deadline loomed and I still didn't have a sample of the app. Lao hu was always easy to reach initially. However, as I kept pressuring him about the deadline I notice he became harder to reach. My worst nightmare came true when he promise the first week of June 2013 to have the project completed. That week came and went with no game app. I called him via skype, email with no response because by then he was screening my calls. Then finally he had the audacity to tell Odesk he cancelled the project on me because he completed the project. The only thing he completed was stealing my money. Mr Lao hu has no integrity what's so ever. I am writing this to prevent someone else the embarrassment of being scammed from companies in China.


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