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Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 10:51am CDT by CathLan M.

Product: Mobile phone service

Company: O2 Telefonica

Location: Dunstable

URL: www.o2.co.uk

Category: Telecommunications

I have had my mobile phone with O2 since their inception from BTCelnet and changed to a business contract 5 years ago, paid on a monthly basis, together with Broadband at my home since 2005 and a mobile broadband DONGLE for 18 months.

On 19th June I asked them to cancel the DONGLE and they advised it would be better as a pay as you go - which I agreed to.

On 26th June they cut off my mobile phone so I could not make any calls or send texts and they cancelled my business account, on 27th June I also started to receive emails that my broadband account would be changed to a more expensive tariff.

I spent 6 hours on 27th June speaking to O2 on the phone and on their internet chatline trying to rectify the situation. I eventually managed to get the phone and text aspect to function by 19.00 but I had no data service for my Blackberry. I was advised that a manager would call me to explain how this had happened - they never called or sent any email.

In order to get the phone to work adequately I had to spend a further 2 hours to get the data service returned.

On 27th June I spoke to Josh and then Lindsey by telephone, (Lindsey advised that Maxine the manager would call me), then after the data service was missing I called business but could not get through as I was still not considered a business customer and was told by Sarah that she could not help and put me through to Cam in Contracts who could also not help as he was just for consumers and I was business. His manager refused to speak to me and they could not advise why I had not been called.

I then went on the internet and chatted to Jake who passed me to Priyanka who then passed me to Lekhni who was the first person to be of any use and she finally passed me to Jenny who supposedly re-instated my "Business" profile at 2045 but advised I would have to call in the morning re the data service.

I called on 28th June at 9am and the business number would still not accept my mobile number so I called the pay as you go and spoke to Cath who told me she could not do anything as I was a business customer and put me through to the business line which promptly told me that I did not have a business number and cut me off. I called pay as you go again and got through to Danny who agreed to put me through to a PERSON in the business department - Steven. He was helpful and advised that he would get the manager Maxine to call me at 1230. He claimed to reinstate my business profile and put me through to the technical dept to get the data aspect of my phone to work again -this was Calvin who was also good at his job and professional.

Eventually at 1300 a manager named Sue called me and said they apologise, it was human error in just putting in a wrong digit, there was nothing they could do but as a gesture of goodwill they could offer me ?10 off my next bill.

I advised her that this was derisory bearing in mind I had wasted over 6 hours of my time and lost an important business call (first request to interview in 6 months). She said my only recourse was to write to them and see if that made a difference.

As I have lost confidence in O2, I then asked her what would happen if I cancelled my contract and was advised that I would have to pay ?619 as the contract was only started in February 2013 for 24 months...this is despite the fact they could just cancel the contract without even advising me!

I find this is appalling customer service and I thought as a consumer I should be protected from such business practices?

I do not have an email address for any complaints to this company and have been advised that I all I can do is write as they have done all they possibly can for my minor inconvenience. Thanks for any thoughts and feedback


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