Superior Roofing - ABSOLUTE SCAM

Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 1:11pm CDT by Kenny M.

Product: EPDM Roofing

Company: Superior Roofing

Location: 690 South Broadway

Category: Building, Construction

In September, 2011, I hired Superior Roofing to fix a sloping shed roof over my kitchen. The black tar roof was wrinkled, split, cracked and bubbling up and I feared leaks. I had to leave the country on business, so I paid John, the company owner, $3000 to finish while I was away. When I returned, the roof looked shiny and black and I figured he had done the work. it was still lumpy and cracked etc. but he said he had done the best he could do. I was a fool, of course, and did not get anyone else's opinion and because I normally work on trust, I did not question the work. I didn't know what I was supposed to be looking for, so accepted the "work." In May, 2013, the fellow who cleans my gutters said I have to immediately get my roof fixed because he saw eminent disaster if I didn't do something right away. I called up John of Superior Roofing because his so-called "contract" states that he "monitors" rooves through satellite imagery 10 times a year for 10 years - so why hadn't he noticed that my roof was still in really bad shape?

Over the phone, John told me that the damage I was now seeing was due to Hurricane Sandy. Well, Sandy never hit my area, and the roof didn't look any different than it did 2 years ago - in fact, a bit worse. So that was the first lie. Nevertheless, he offered to do the job again and asked me to leave a check for him at a nearby deli, as I was again leaving the country. He seemed enthusiastic, talked pleasantly with me and asked me ten times if I had actually left the check, which I had. A few days before I left, he called me saying that he needed to install "vents" under the EPDM so that the roof could not be carried away by wind, and it would cost extra. OK, I agreed. He said I was going to be "so proud of him, he had done a fabulous job and it looked terrific."

When I returned from Europe, of course nothing had been done. The check was still at the deli. When I called John, he said, "My family means more to me than anything else, your job was the last thing on my mind, I didn't take your money, what the hell do you want..."

Meantime I have had another company fix the roof, of course, and curse myself for being such a fool. I am trying to sue John of Superior Roofing but it appears that his street address is bogus, his phone numbers are not listed, and he is not licensed in Nassau or Suffolk Counties of Long Island. He does answer his phone, though. A complaint to the Better Business Bureau also brought no results as their mail to him was returned as "no such number."

There is no question in my mind that this man is a professional scam artist. Avoid this so-called company like the plague, especially if you get a fax from them with any kind of "deal."

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f20d75d3, 2013-11-03, 06:13PM CST

This company keeps sending fax solicitations & there is no fax removal info on their paperwork!!!! Illegal to do!!!!

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