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Posted on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at 7:52pm CDT by Elizabeth K.

Product: Handyman Service

Company: Tonys Handyman Service

Location: Walden Way Anthem AZ 85086
ANTHEM, AZ, 85086, US

Category: Other

Tony Calizto has left our house in ruins. Since December my plumbing in the master bathroom has no hot water in the tub, sink does not drain and in the half bath, we have no cold water. He tried to convert my gas log fireplace to crushed glass which caused it to no longer stay lit. He wanted us to call the gas company and say we smelled gas. He tiled the wall around the fireplace and the grates do not fit properly and the wall is so uneven that part of the tile is not adhered to it. I hired someone to fix the fireplace and to tear down the wall, rebuild it and redo the tile. He was to put in an island and part of the cabinets were indented, broken tile, uneven in heights that when they came to install the counter they told us that we had to have the island cabinets taken out and have everything rebuilt. He used the wrong material on the wall that was to be tiled and left holes in it. We talked to him several times about not showing up or the quality of his work. He never would come by to talk to us, left us with a garage and back yard full of debris that we had to rent a truck and haul it to the dump. We sent him 4 certified letters along with all receipts for the work we had done and the only response we got was a text message saying that he offered to fix things. He did not show up when he was supposed to be working and he was so out of his element that we knew, if he ever showed, that he would not be able to fix anything. He had since December to fix the plumbing which he never did. So far we are out $4000.00 above what we paid him. We had to buy additional cabinetry and tile along with parts for our fireplace. We had to hire a plumber, electrician, carpenter, tile installer and fireplace company plus a glass company to remove wood from 4 cabinets and replace it with glass. I have many photos and receipts to verify this statement along with a written response from the counter people as to why the counters could not be installed. We have been without a kitchen for close to 3 months. He was paid $4,000.00 plus thousands for the plumbing and we have nothing to show for it. He is supposed to be bonded and insured but I am unable to get any numbers to verify what he stated and also what is displayed on his truck. What can I do, I wrote to the BBB and he has not responded. How to I go about recouping some of that money back?


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