STAPLES BUSINESS id # 0000085488 - Does not back up Reps errors

Posted on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at 12:03pm CDT by Jill B.

Company: STAPLES BUSINESS id # 0000085488

Location: 500 Staples Dr Framingham, MA 01702


Category: Online Scams

Problem: I am a teacher who encourages my school to conduct a school drive collect ink cartridges. Staples advertises that for every cartridge that is returned your school will receive $2.00 store credit. Every month, I and 2 other teachers collect and bring the cartridges to the store to receive coupons via their online site to buy school supplies for our students. On March 15, 2013, I noticed below by receipt a new "UPDATE' STATING THAT NOW, INK MUST BE PURCHASED INSTEAD OF SUPPLIES- OUT OF PACKET FOR $30 EVERY SIX MONTHS .I immediately asked the store rep does this apply to teacher rewards/ school called , both said no, "Only to Business". I then called on March 2,April 2, and again on April 9th to confirm this update DOES NOT APPLY TO SCHOOLS., and was told EVERY TIME that it only applies to businesses & not to school programs. My concern was that I would no longer continue this school drive, if it didn't allow me to purchase supplies for the students.Teacher would not spend $30. for ink. I was assured at that time, "not to worry" the drive would support school programs & the purchase of student supplies. Today, when I went online to print my school's last 3 months of rewards (over 60 ink cartridges ),I expected to find $120. worth of coupons to be used for the school. I was told by the supervisor, HEATHER ( ID 0036485) that I would not receive coupon, because the school did not purchase ink since the new UPDATE and ink was not prurchased!. She apologized that the reps gave me the wrong information, "BUT THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE SHE COULD DO!" $120 WORTH OF COUPONS! I THEN CALLED THE CORPORATE OFFICE, AND SPOKE TO "Jeff/ id # 37274, WHO AFTER LOOKING UP THE INFORMATION, CLAIMED THERE WERE 4 ACCOUNTS UNDER 1 NAME, WHICH IS UNTRUE.."BUT THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE HE COULD DO!" No credit would be issued for $120!! ( ooh, sorry for the caps) . I explained that was not true, but another past error when the teachers' accounts information was mistakenly transferred under my name. Bottom Line : I organize a school drive advertising the great program Staples offer our kids, only to find it's a fraud. I then asked them to return all of the 60 cartridges, so I could get credit at another store. and they said they could not. They have taken my school's property, a school wide drive to benefits our students, and did not issue a fair exchange as advertized.

Desired Outcome $ credit


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