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Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 11:18am CDT by c76f5b18

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PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT USE PURE AIR HOMES (pureairhomes.com) for any type of

crawlspace/encapsulation/waterproofing work!! I AM HYSTERICAL at this point. These people are unqualified and

inexperienced to do this type of work.

I had initially called them because of a damp/wet crawlspace and I thought the sump pump was no longer working. When Chris Turner, the owner and Keith ???, the worker (employee) came out to do an estimate, I was told that Keith was a crawlspace inspector. Grant it, when he went to "inspect", he found out that there was nothing wrong with the sump pump but it needed to be put into a larger type bin with holes and surrounded by rocks. Afterwhich, some type of layering would be placed over the dirt that would prevent the vapors from escaping up to the floorboards ($750). They also suggested that the insulation be removed from the crawlspace because it is a breeding ground for mold ($750). They showed me before-and-after pictures of what it should look like upon completion. I was impressed with what I saw, so I preceeded to schedule a time for them to come back out and do the work, which was two days later. They showed up about 45 minutes late to do the job. Upon removing the insulation, they spotted mold in 4 areas and charged an additional ($250) to treat. I don't know if it was present or not, because they didn't show me or take pictures of their findings, but I took their word for it. When they were all done, I asked them what happened to the layering over the dirt that they were suppose to do. They stated that that's not what I paid for. I WAS REALLY UPSET NOW because they said something totally different than what they actually did. Nonetheless, I went ahead and paid for the

services rendered.

A week after having the work done I found out that Keith is NOT a crawlspace inspector. In fact, he's

only been doing this type of work for about 4 months. What made me investigate was the fact that I was very unpleased

with the work that was done. There had been a heavy rain so I decided to take a look under the crawlspace (in which I

enter thru the garage) to see how things were looking. Needless to say, it looked the same way it did before they even

came (if not worst). I immediately called them and told them I still had water/damp issues. They said they would be over

by noon the next day, but didn't show up until 2pm. After removing the crawlspace door, they immediately said 'nothing

was wrong, and I'm expected to still see SOME water and dampness down there'. I told them it looked that exact same

way when they claimed I had a problem when they came out to do the estimate. So in reality, they had done absolutely

NOTHING!!! After going all the way in, Keith saw that the hose had come apart. He asked Chris for some tape. I

intervened and asked 'why are you using tape to tape up something that continuously gets wet...wouldn't it just come

apart again. Do you not have another means, such as glue?'. They then said oh yeah, we can use some glue. At this point

I'm fuming!!!! They're suppose to be more knowlegeable than I am in that area, one would think! They also said more

holes needed to be drilled into the basin/bin.....but they didn't have a drill (WHO DOESN'T HAVE THE APPROPRIATE TOOLS

ON THE JOB...WHO DOES THAT??? and what kind of company am I REALLY dealing with!!). They said they would be back

out this Tuesday, but then called back and said it would be the following Tuesday (and didn't give me a time....they'll call

me that day). Mind you, when I initially requested the service, they were willing to come out the very next day to get

started (because they said they could use the money---SERIOUS RED FLAG)!!!

Don't let the fact that he was on 11-Alive news fool you!! I thought he was legit because of it. I also later found out from a customer, that they only charged them $250 to remove the insulation and their square footage was a lot larger than mine and my crawlspace was much easier to work in (ie, plenty of space between the ground and floorboards), so why I was charged a substantial amount is beyond me. There's also another customer who is currently sueing them for not delivering the work that they promised and not resolving the initial issue. I am honestly thinking of following suit.

When I called Chris Turner to question him about the qualifications of his workers, he answered by stating that "4-months is a long time in that industry". I told him not for MY money, it's not!!! Had I known that going in, I would have never had them do the job. I do not have money to throw away like that. Now I feel I have been swindled out of $1,750.00!!! And the problem still exist!! They do not allow one to post their testimonials on their site, or I would have done so there. You can only email them, and I guess they pick and choose which ones to display. I'm trying to keep others from making the same costly mistake that I did, so please take this as a WARNING!!!

NOTE: They had my comments removed from PissedConsumer.com because they knew I was telling the truth!!!

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d568c15c, 2013-12-19, 12:15AM CST

This lady specifically signed an agreement that we would save her money by using her existing sump pump and get it working again by installing a proper filtered sump basin instead of the little muddy bucket she had. Then she also agreed to have us remove the nasty damp insulation from the sub-floor and treat the visible mold in four places.

She said that she did not have the money completely fix the crawlspace which would have cost her thousands. I talked with her for 45 minutes about the value of a completely encapsulated crawlspace. I showed her the brochure with pictures of the sealed crawlspaces and described the seam tapes, liner, adhesives on the walls and piers etc. She very specifically said that it sounded really good but she could not afford it. I believe that she was trying to get the encapsulation for free by distorting everything I said.

The contract she signed stated absolutely nothing about crawlspace encapsulation. What we did for her was getting rid of some of the contaminant in the crawlspace such as the fiberglass insulation and we got her sump pump operational again. This is a case where she twisted everything I said. :roll

She is perpetrating a scam and will be receiving legal notice soon on her post above. Since she sees that slander is a possible means to getting a freeby, we will be receiving a free notice to appear in court and pay our damages and legal fees for her reckless lies.

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