Florelle Tissue - Florelle Owner Is A Coward

Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 7:42pm CDT by Irish C.

Product: Paper Products Wholesale & Manufacturers

Company: Florelle Tissue

Location: 1 Bridge St

Category: Products, Services

Today my husband was let go from Florelle as a Maintenance Tech,2 years ago when he applied to work there and I found out the owner is a Canadian I was not happy but my husband needed the job,on the day of hire my husband was promised a 6 month evaluation and depending on work performance he would get a raise,that is 1 promise the owner reneged on,he was promised overtime,2nd promise reneged on,then the 1st red flag was a few months ago,my husband along with the other employees were told they could no longer have direct deposit to their bank accts because bank that Florelle was going through would no longer work with Florelle so everyone was getting paid in cash,another red flag,then the earlier part of this year we found out the owner had failed to pay the mortgage on the building and was behind on 100,000's of dollars,in fact May 8th,2013 Morgan Chase Bank is owed $630,000 on a note taken out in November 2011 -- and the bank just filed to foreclose on the building.

The reason today why my husband was let go was because last Friday,21st,2013 he did not get paid because the owner Harry Minas took off to Canada for a Canadian holiday and come Monday no one still was paid then yesterday my husband went to the office and asked the secretary if they were getting paid and she said (you should be)and my husband replied back ( we better ) and unbeknownest to my husband one of the partners for Florelle was in another room and heard the exchange and after my husband left the office the partner told the owner he wanted my husband terminated because my husband saying We Better was rude,oh really,so we are going to the Labor Board and I will make sure everyone knows not to apply to that place,NEVER work for a CANADIAN!


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Irish C., 2013-06-26, 07:44PM CDT

Forgot to mention that the owner was too cowardly to tell my husband to his face that he was being let go,he made his secretary do it and her words were ( Florelle and you are parting ways)

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