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Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 9:35pm CDT by william h.

Product: Online Coupons and Deals

Company: Shop at Home

Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

Signed up for this site for coupons and deals because they had an ad on the home page that said "COUPONS, Awesome deals at Stanley Steemer at" I signed up and went to the site and there were NO coupons and NO deals for Stanley Steemer. When I contacted they said they never advertised anything or had any coupons for Stanley Steemer. I told them the exact web address, which I checked several times, so they could see the ad. They sent me back the page that THEY say THEY saw when you type in this address. I clicked on it and it showed the same page that I saw except that THEY altered the page to leave out the name Stanley Steemer so they could say they didn't advertise for Stanley Steemer. It read "COUPONS, Awesome deals at from" This clearly shows they altered and deleted Stanley Steemers name and the sentence doesn't make any sense. When I told them I have a copy of the original page they stopped emailing me back, won't let me have a manager to email. So now they are false advertising. They think they can just ignore me after false advertising and then lying to me about their webpage. I will also be notifying Stanley Steemer about how they advertise for them and then took their name off of the ad. Either way they are wrong. If they advertised for Stanley Steemer without their permission they are in trouble. If they advertised a deal or coupon with Stanley Steemer and didn't give it to me they are in trouble. Now they won't contact me so I will be filing complaints with you and every other comp,aint site, BBB, Twitter, Facebook....ETC.

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547dd897, 2013-07-12, 11:08PM CDT

I would file a complaint with your State Attorney General as well and send them a copy of the ad that you have.

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