Husqvarna Group - No quality control for product or website

Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 10:12am CDT by Kim H.

Product: Husqvarna Garden Tractor

Company: Husqvarna Group

Location: Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc. 9335 Harris Corners Parkway Suite 500


Category: Home, Garden

I bought a $2,500.00 Husqvarna Garden Tractor {Riding Lawn Mower}at Lowes about 3 weeks ago, June 6, 2013. I had issues with the Mower as soon as I got it home. It is my policy to check everything on a piece of equipment before use as I find many company's no longer have "quality control". I grease every zerk, check fluids and air in tires and the level of the deck. A grease zerk in the front wheel was not installed properly and the grease came out between the zerk and the wheel {stripped out hole for zerk}. I called Lowes and took the wheel in expecting a wheel and tire assembly replacement. After spending about 1 1/2 hours at Lowes trying with the sales person and customer service to locate a replacement I left with the store manager telling me he would get me a new mower sent to my home as they could NOT find a fix for this problem. They brought me a new mower in about 2 weeks. I am happy with Lowes!

Now I decide to go online to register my Garden Tractor. Ah, the website has massive problem and I get the message "The webpage cannot be found" when I hit Husqvarna Online Product Registration So I try to call customer support at 1-800-487-5951 and go through a nightmare of button pushing. I finally get a real person and he tells me they know there is a website problem {apparently for a really long time} and he thinks they are working on it? So I say I will mail in my registration, and he tells me the address is wrong on the registration card, and that it has been over 6 months and the post office will no longer forward the card so I will need the new address! They have been sending out registration cards with the wrong address for over 6 months!!! Their website has been malfunctioning for a very long timeAnd their customer support phone system is a nightmare! And they have quality control problems!

Does this sound like a company you want to buy from?


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