Husqvarna Group - No quality control for product or website

Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 10:12am CDT by Kim H.

Product: Husqvarna Garden Tractor

Company: Husqvarna Group

Location: Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc. 9335 Harris Corners Parkway Suite 500


Category: Home, Garden

I bought a $2,500.00 Husqvarna Garden Tractor {Riding Lawn Mower}at Lowes about 3 weeks ago, June 6, 2013. I had issues with the Mower as soon as I got it home. It is my policy to check everything on a piece of equipment before use as I find many company's no longer have "quality control". I grease every zerk, check fluids and air in tires and the level of the deck. A grease zerk in the front wheel was not installed properly and the grease came out between the zerk and the wheel {stripped out hole for zerk}. I called Lowes and took the wheel in expecting a wheel and tire assembly replacement. After spending about 1 1/2 hours at Lowes trying with the sales person and customer service to locate a replacement I left with the store manager telling me he would get me a new mower sent to my home as they could NOT find a fix for this problem. They brought me a new mower in about 2 weeks. I am happy with Lowes!

Now I decide to go online to register my Garden Tractor. Ah, the website has massive problem and I get the message "The webpage cannot be found" when I hit Husqvarna Online Product Registration So I try to call customer support at 1-800-487-5951 and go through a nightmare of button pushing. I finally get a real person and he tells me they know there is a website problem {apparently for a really long time} and he thinks they are working on it? So I say I will mail in my registration, and he tells me the address is wrong on the registration card, and that it has been over 6 months and the post office will no longer forward the card so I will need the new address! They have been sending out registration cards with the wrong address for over 6 months!!! Their website has been malfunctioning for a very long timeAnd their customer support phone system is a nightmare! And they have quality control problems!

Does this sound like a company you want to buy from?


Nelson M., 2014-07-03, 07:50AM CDT

I purchased a Husqvarna YTH22V46 riding lawn mower, on March 23, 2014, to prepare for the upcoming mowing season. The lawn mower soon broke down when the spring broke on the clutch cable. (This is a simple part and does not require any disassembly or complicated work to be performed.) It is directly accessible and will only take a few minutes to replace.) I turned it in to the local dealer, Buddies? Small Engine (Tel: 256-536-9404) on June 20, 2014. They later returned a call and said they cannot repair the mower because the part is on back-order and they believe they could get it around mid-August. (That date is only a projected date.) I have been paying people to mow my yard as a result, even though I just paid $1496.66 for the new mower. Concerned that this was far too long for such a simple issue, I called and spoke with Taba at Husqvarna (Tel:-1-800-487-5951) who confirmed the part is on back order and referred me to the corporate office. I called that office and spoke with Chris at Tel: 704-597-5000, ext. 6834, who also confirmed that the item is on back-order. He said it is very unfortunate and that they may have a cable by mid-August. Everything so far sounds extremely vague. They all conformed that I will have to probably continue to pay someone else to mow my lawn this mowing season. They also acknowledged that the mowing season will be about over when I get my mower back. Husqvarna apparently does not have any organized repair people or companies, no one directly associated with them identified to repair their mowers under warranty, no one or no way of supplying parts for new mowers, no one to specialize in providing direct support, and they fail to provide a reasonable means of contacting them (it was very difficult to get a hold of them and I don?t really think I ever got a hold of anyone responsible for taking complaints). A look at a map of Alabama identifying organizations to repair Husqvarna products revealed they have very few of which all of them are small organizations handling multiple products and carry little or no Husqvarna items. Any and all the problems experienced are at the consumer?s expense. In addition, as much as I like Lowe?s, I do not see how they can affiliate themselves with Husqvarna, an organization who sells high costs products but are unorganized and unable to reasonably back up their product or warranty. I feel as if I relied on Lowes to provide products and services of high quality. The mower broke after only 19 operational hours; I am out the money and may be forced to buy a new back up riding mower. This sucks! I want my damn money back. You can have your new riding lawn mower back. Lowes needs to drop Husqvarna for responding to a consumer in this way and for failing to reasonably back up their expensive products. Warrantees and support are direct reasons why people buy certain products, especially at this price. I am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. (All information provided can all be verified by calling the numbers that I have provided.) Nelson Martin

Kim H., 2014-07-13, 12:58PM CDT

Husqvarna Group - No quality control for product or website

I posted the above complaint, so here is a follow up. The new mower Lowes brought to my home also just quit running the same day I started mowing with it! The battery went dead about half through the mowing job! It had a bad magneto and would not charge the battery. So, Lowes brought me a another new mower. But guess what? About 1 1/2 months later while I was mowing I heard a loud POP while making a right turn. Then the steering wheel was off center and the mower would turn sharper one way than the other! So, Lowes came and got the mower and took it to their repair facility. The guy there said there was nothing wrong with the mower, but he did take the steering wheel off and put it back on with the spokes centered! Lowes called me when they got it back and told me about what they did. I went to the Lowes store and turned the steering wheel so that one front wheel was pointing straight ahead, and showed the manager how the other wheel was pointing at about a 45 degree angle to the left! Needless to say, Lowes gave me full credit for that mower towards the purchase of a new John Deere. I have been mowing all this wet season here {about once a week} with no problems! I will never buy another Husqvarna Product!

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