Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 4:58pm CDT by Nish B.



Location: 10794 PINES BLVD, SUITE 104


Category: Health, Beauty

PATIENTS BEWARE! I have been to both of their locations. There is one at Memorial and One on Pines. I am qualified and justified in being able to post a complaint. It doesn't matter which one you take your chance at vistiting because both locations have the same Black hair "Bitter Betty" at the front desk. Both locations have horrible time management and appointment setting skills/practices and here is why this is a FACT: Each time they have scheduled my apt, I clearly ask...what day can the Dr see me on time or as close to my appt time? What is the best time to come in and not have the wait for 3.5 hrs like my first apt time? No matter what, they will lie. You will be waiting in the lobby for hours and hours. You will be told one excuse after another. You will witness someone walk out irrate. You will watch the same low volume news report for hours. Yes, you will! Today, I literally sat in the lobby for 3 hours while they sit there knowing that they want you to keep your appt time BUT they don't honor or respect your apt time! I am so angry that I leave my job to come to these appts to see the Dr. and could've completed my workday and still came here and would've had to wait. Today my appt was at 3:15 pm. It is now 6:07 pm and there are still three people ahead of me. I am so disgusted with these unprofessional practitioners it's not even funny. Let's not talk about the three front desk reception workers as well. One was kind enough to see the frustration last week and ordered the patients waiting a pizza. That was nice of her. She still lied to us and I walked out and never got to see the Dr. So I come back today....still waiting 3 hours. They are not honest with you. You ask them how many people before you and they ask you how would you like to make your co-payment today? Are you serious? I promise is the last day that they will see me and my co-pay and get to bill my insurance. Do NOT come here....find a better Ortho care center with a team and Physician that cares about you and RESPECTS AND VALUES YOUR TIME. I don't care how many plaques on on the wall once ive read them all sitting here for now 3.5 hours waiting to meet the man behind the plaques! GTFOH....when you are in pain (which is probably 90% of the patients waiting in this lobby) the last thing that you want to do is WAIT FOR 3 HOURS TO BE PUT IN A ROOM TO WAIT AN ADDITIONAL 30 MINUTES. If you think what I am complaining about is not true, run the video tape back! They have cameras so Ronnie should watch the tape! Uggghh I hate, hate, hate, hate this place and will never come back. I am going on blue cross website to find another Ortho AND TELLING MY PRIMARY TO PLEASE STOP REFERRING her patients here. This is pure foolishness.


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