Bamboozled - Augmented Reality Rip Off

Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 5:55pm CDT by 54048c5b

Product: Augmented reality app

Company: Bamboozled

Location: 425 , 4floor Tower B3 Space I- Tech park Haryana, India


Category: Computers, Software

Crappy app project

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Gamooz, India Augmented Reality~Beware Of this Company!


There is nothing worse then dealing with an unprofessional company that don?t have respect for it?s customers. Therefore, this is what brings me here. I hired a company in India called Gamooz to do a small project . They are also on odesk & elance It was a dreadful experience that I made that I hope others can learn from and avoid. This project started as a simple integration of augmented reality to an existing app. I explained clearly the specification of the project with the project manager Harsh of Gamooz, India. He assured me he would have no problem completing the project. We started in Nov 2011 and he said he would be finish by early Dec 2011. The project became delayed and was not completed into January 3, 2012. He showed me a working prototype and I signed off the project as complete. Little did I know that the app project had serious bugs in the program. I found out 24 hours after I paid Harsh the final payment there was a bug in the app. It was too late to get a refund from Odesk because 24 hours had passed since last payment. However, Harsh at had promised he would fix the bug problem in a short period of time. What I thought was a short time would become 3 additional months. Gamooz bumble the project for the next 3 months. I?ve been very patience but found that I had to constantly begged him for information and progress. I did not feel like he kept me in the loop or informed . Sometimes two weeks would go by before I heard from him. In one case he resubmitted my app to apple with wrong information. By March, 2012 (3 months after project was supposedly completed) I decided I had enough & requested a refund from Harsh at Gamooz.. I didn?t realistically expected anything which is exactly what happen. I got a response from him that he wanted another chance to fix this project and would make this project the highest priority which makes me wonder what was he doing the last 3 months? Ultimately, I never got a refund from Gamooz, in India, nor did I get my project completed. I am out $800.00. In my opinion this company promise more then what they could deliver. I find them to be incompetent & unprofessional. Do yourself a favor and do business elsewhere.


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