Ant Tantrum Records - V.G. Varun music is horrible & offensive, and the advertisment is very misleading

Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 at 4:05pm CDT by Michael R. R.

Product: V.G. Varun: Live at Earth

Company: Ant Tantrum Records

Location: (I can't find it)


Category: TV, Music, Video

In their TV ad, I was led to believe that their work was family-friendly, calm, affordable, and enjoyable. While it's true that "V.G. Varun: Live at Earth" is free, the page is covered with filth from the instant you go to it. They charge for everything extra, even water, and if you want to sit you have to pay a rental fee to the tune of $40, and i haven't even gotten to the content, which was very agressive, barely even music, not enjoyable. filthy, gutteral trash I don't even understand how anyone could enjoy it. DO NOT GO TO IT, DO NOT EVEN GO NEAR IT

IF YOU SEE ANY lINKS ADVERTISING [], ignore them. It's terrible, and misleading.


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