Kapersky - Kaspersky Anti Virus renewal issues- go elsewhere!

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Product: Kaspersky Antivirus renewal 2013

Company: Kapersky

Location: US

URL: www.kaspersky.com

Category: Computers, Software

Suggest not buying KASPERSKY ANTI VIRUS RENEWAL: Here is my complaint and invoice from my tech guru for assisting me through the NIGHTMARE of using Kaspersky Anti- Virus. The product works great, the administrative end of it, including the installation of it, are 100% lousy. See for yourself.

Kasperky Antivirus Installation Summary

February 13, 2013

The purpose of this summary is to identify problems that occurred during the renewal / upgrade of Kaspersky Antivirus.

A NOTE from the client: My XXXXXX PC technician/ghuru has the following certifications:

Dell certified

Microsoft certified

HP certified

Apple certified

Network certified (Comptia)

Server certified (Comptia)

Formerly worked as Network Administrator for a major financial services trading firm outside of Boston

The upgrade process began poorly as my client was notified by e-mail that his credit card would be charged for x amount to renew his antivirus. He had never heard of Digital River who was providing this email with the last 4 digits of his CC framed- he had bought Kaspersky Anti-Virus software and this was of some alarming concern as to how this company, Digital River, had his CC information. It appeared to the client as phishing.

1.) The renewal process:

The problem starts when the original company subcontracts the renewal process to ANOTHER vendor. The consumer is presented with his or own personal and financial information from a SOURCE UNFAMILAR TO THE THEM.

2.) The upgrade process:

The company?s decision of not providing automatic upgrades causes the consumer to hunt for what has been offered to them as a benefit in the first place. This hunting process is very confusing because of the standard practice of CHANGING THE PRODUCT NAMES. A backup disk was ordered by the client for the 2013 upgrade and instead he got a 2011 disk sent to him, at a cost to my client.

3.) Installation process:

By far the installation process is the worst process of them all. The installation process for my client went as follows.

A.) Trouble downloading from the company website ?

The first download completed but could not be used

The second Download done a minute later worked ???

B.) Upgrading ? Installing

? The installation on the first computer worked well identifying the activation code perfectly

? The installation on the second computer failed, filling up the hard drive requiring the manual removal of UNESSARY FILES IT LEFT BEHIND.

? The installation on the third computer failed, stating that the INSTALLER COULD NOT REMOVE THE OLD EDDITION.

Following the company website tech support troubleshooting steps, the SPECIAL REMOVAL TOOL was downloaded; this tool did remove the old version of the program as well as the ability to USE THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. A quick Google search into the problem uncovered no less than 10 matches for the same problem indicating this is a WIDE SPREAD PROBLEM

NOW SIDETRACTED WITH A NEW PROBLEM - Onto fix 1-2-or 3 ? AGAIN FOLLOWING the support directions from the company website I have to choose ONE OF 3 WAYS TO FIX IT. I tried all 3 and none of them worked.

So in summary

The renewal process and installation took a day and half to complete. The inconsistency from system to systems points out major programming flaws. To have a program, upon completion of its removal function, disable your keyboard-mouse and all your USB ports is sloppy programming to say the least. This should have been a simple Antivirus upgrade and one that my client should have been able to perform on his own having himself a master?s degree in computer science; instead it turned into a very costly 2 day fix for my client and an inordinate amount of my time. The administrative end of Kaspersky, involving licensing, key and software upgrades is apparently based on a business model that says it is alright to put a customer into customer support with an automated machine, that it?s alright to suggest the use software removal tools with known bugs that can disable a computer from functional use, and it?s alright and to send them the wrong software backup disks for an older version of software versus the year for which they were upgrading to.





Date: February 12, 2013

Invoice # 021213

Vendor ID: NA

Internal Job# Renewing / Troubleshooting / Upgrading Kaspersky Antivirus From 2012 to 2013

Client Name: Buddy and Marcy XXXX



Service Performed: Renewing / Troubleshooting / Upgrading Kaspersky Antivirus From 2012 to 2013


Day One:



3 Hours

Day Two:



2 Hours

Day Three:



2 Hours

Day Four:



1 Hours

Day Four:




4 Hours

Day Five:



3 Hours

Project One

Client called to explain that his credit card had a strange charge and asked if XXXXX could investigate further.

Service Preformed:

XXXXX verified that the charges were from a real company by remoting onto clients system and showing client the connection between the Kaspersky Antivirus Company and their distributer DRI (Digital River)

Because the clients existing Kasperky antivirus was about to expire on each of his systems, XXXXX and client agreed to download and install the latest version of the antivirus program.

*** The 2013 version is/was a free upgrade***

? XXXXX Downloaded the 2013 version and began the installation on (2) systems.

? A few problems were encountered while trying to install the software? see below

1.) The first file download failed so a second download was needed? done.

2.) The first installation attempt on the small laptop computer failed, causing the HD to fill up and run out of space. In order to try a second installation, the HD needed to have more space, so unnecessary items were removed, and the second attempt to install was successful.

Summary Day One:

Time: 8:00 to 11:00 AM

XXXXX and client working together were able to successfully verify that charges on his credit card were legitimate.

XXXXX and client were able to install the new 2013 version of the Kaspersky antivirus on 2 of his systems.

Continued on page 2

page 2 ? Upgrading Kaspersky On Multiple Systems

Service Preformed

XXXXX remoted onto clients work system to attempt to upgrade Kaspersky antivirus

? XXXXX Downloaded the 2013 version and began the installation on (1) system..

? A few problems were encountered while trying to install the software

1.) The first installation attempt failed? the error message stated that install failed because an older version of the software could not be removed.

Because of weather and time constraints, a decision was made to not attempt reinstallation of the software. The client and XXXXX agreed that the client would try Monday to uninstall the old version first, before trying to install the new 2013 version.

Summary Day Two:

Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

XXXXX and client agreed that the client would try to uninstall the old version manually instead of having the program attempt to remove it.


Service Preformed


Client called to explain that his attempt to remove the Kaspersky antivirus failed as the normal add/remove program of Windows XP was not able to penetrate through the Kaspersky network to locate the necessary files to remove.

XXXXX remoted onto clients work system to attempt to uninstall Kaspersky antivirus, then install the new 2013 version.

? XXXXX attempted uninstalling using Windows (add and remove programs) Failed, as above

? XXXXX attempted uninstalling using Special Kaspersky Removal Tool

The tool was able to remove the program with problems? see below

2.) After using the removal tool the computer system would no longer recognize the computers USB Ports - Touch Pad or any Connected Mouse / Keyboard

3.) Many troubleshooting steps were attempted to fix USB Ports and Touch Pad, none of which worked.

Because of the multiple troubleshooting steps taken, it was agreed upon that the system needed to be handed off to XXXXX for further troubleshooting.

Summary Day Three:

Time: 12:00 to 2:00 PM

XXXXX and client agreed to meet so XXXXX could take the system back to XXXXX for further


Continued on page 3

page 3? Upgrading Kaspersky On Multiple Systems

Service Preformed


Client and XXXXX agreed to have XXXXX conduct one more remote session to try and fix the problem with the keyboard and mouse

XXXXX remoted onto clients work system to attempt fix keyboard and mouse problem

? A few troubleshooting steps were attempted to fix USB Ports and Touch Pad, none of which worked.

Both client and XXXXX agreed to meet to give XXXXX the system for further troubleshooting.

Summary Day Three:

Time: 10:00 to 11:00 PM

XXXXX and client meet to hand off the system


Service Preformed @ XXXXX

XXXXX began troubleshooting the systems inability to recognize USB devices.

XXXXX tried uninstalling hardware device drivers - Failed

XXXXX tried re-installing new hardware device drivers - Failed

XXXXX tried removing dead registry entries relating to Kaspersky - Failed

XXXXX imported a known working registry key from a secondary system ? Worked

After fixing the USB problem, XXXXX tried to install the new Kaspersky 2013 antivirus ? Failed

The new version would not install due to left over elements of the 2011 and/or 2012 install

XXXXX tried running Special Kaspersky Removal Tool again to remove the left over elements, after doing so the same problem of the mouse and keyboard not working happened after reboot.

XXXXX applied the same registry fix as before, and then manually removed all traces of the 2011 and 2012 installation. After removing the left over elements the new 2013 version installed without a problem

Summary Day Three:

Time: 12:00 to 4:00 PM

XXXXX discovered the USB problem was due to a corrupted registry. The corrupted registry was caused by the running the Special Kaspersky Removal Tool.

The only way to install the new version of the software was to manually remove all elements and traces of a previous install.

Continued on page 4

page 4? Upgrading Kaspersky On Multiple Systems

Service Preformed @ XXXXX


Because XXXXX had to manually remove all traces of the previous install, the newly installed 2013 version of the software was asking for an activation key. Had the upgrade went smoothly, the new 2013 version would have automatically found the key during the installation process.

XXXXX tried to capture the activation key using the clients existing computers ? Failed

After wading through a computer automated attendant, XXXXX created 2 trouble tickets and participated in a live chat

1.) With Digital River 2.) With Kaspersky

Eventually Kaspersky Technical Support provided XXXXX with a Activation Code

Summary Day Three:

Time: 11:00 to 2:00 PM

XXXXX was able to get one of the companies to provide a activation code.

Original Estimate: NA

Additional Costs: NA

Hardware/Software System Hardware was Covered Under Dell Warranty $0.00

Total Hours: Actual Hours 15.0 Billed Hours 4

Labor Misc: Nighttime Service NC Travel $15.00

Labor Charge:

Total $300.00

Total Due: $315.00

3 Computers and 2 Trips


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