Frankie Yu Fei - Singapore Geylang Dishonest Landlord. Frankie Yu Fei (??) Breaking Into Tenant's Room Half Naked

Posted on Monday, June 24th, 2013 at 10:01am CDT by landlordfromhell

Product: Room Rental

Company: Frankie Yu Fei

Location: #06-01, Geylang Lorong 33


Category: Real Estate

Landlord Name: Mr. Frankie Yu Fei (??)

Nationality: Singaporean (Originally from PRC)

Passport and ID:

Country of Incident: Singapore

Date of Incident: May 20, 2012

Address of Incident: Geylang Lorong 33, Singapore

Apartment Name: Sims Meadows

Car License Number: SGJ1137Y

Landlord refuses to return back security deposit after tenant moved out! Total amount owed is almost S$3,000!

Landlord (Frankie Yu Fei) trespassed into tenant's room with an unknown female while tenant was taking a shower. Landlord entered tenant's room multiple times throughout the day, went through tenant's private belongings and took photos with his iPhone. Inside the room contained confidential documents. Landlord also went inside the tenant's room naked.

Landlord never inform or give notice to tenant for entering. After the tenant moved out, the landlord refused to return the security deposit back. Until now, the tenant has not received the deposit.

Multiple police reports have been made and this video was shown to over 20 police officers at the police station. However, the Singapore Police Force said that Landlords have the right to enter tenant's room at any time without notice because it is their property.

Even with an Order of Tribunal from Small Claims Tribunal against the landlord, he still ignores calls and refuses to return the security deposit.

This video evidence serves as a warning to those renting rooms from this man in Singapore.


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