Walmart - Rude, Cocky Security Guard at Walmart

Posted on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at 8:58am CDT by 21744f86

Company: Walmart

Location: 1500 fisher street, North Bay


Category: Stores, Shopping

I was pulled into the security room at Walmart in North Bay after my friends were caught shop lifting. Until we were grabbed (and told we were under arrest), I had no knowledge that my 2 *freinds were shop lifting. The rude security guard asked me questions that he had no right to ask, like where do you work? How much money do you have in your bank? Stuff like that. The security man than yelled and antagonized me, to the point that I felt I had to answer his questions. He accused me of having *knowledge that my freinds had shop lifted and that I would also be banned from all Walmarts across Canada for a year! I am dealing with Walmart Canada to have this ban lifted because I was not involved in the incident knor did I have any knowledge of it. Like the police officer concluded, "I was In a bad spot, at the wrong time". I feel violated by this very rude, ignorant security guard. Feel proud of yourself mr. Walmart cop, congratulations on your years of exspierence and achievements working so very hard at Walmart, you must feel very proud of your self, I'm 15 and most likely make more than you. You are rude, not very knowledgeable (as you are accusing me of something that I was not involved in, and you are also very cocky (like seriously, you work at walmart).

Because of this man trying to pressure me into answering his off topic questions, I will no longer be shopping at this particular Walmart. I will choose target instead. I believe this Walmart cop should be fired, at no circumstance can a mall cop ask you questions of that nature and tell you to shut up.


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ed m., 2013-07-07, 02:58PM CDT

if you feel like you were done wrong by this licenced guard then complain to the right people.the ministry of community safety and correctional service at 777 bay st. 3rd floor Toronto ont. m7a2j6.all security guards have to be licenced by the provence and must present them selves in a proper maner.

21744f86, 2013-08-20, 09:41AM CDT

I have just reported the incident to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. I first made many attempts to contact Walmart, however was transferred to man by the name of Richard Everict, (North Bay Walmart Manager). I basically received false information by Mr. Everict to the point that I decided to just drop our conversation and contact a different authority.

Mr. Everict told me that Walmart does not choose to make the ban, the mall authority does. Strange because I was told by many people, including some of Walmarts own that Walmart makes bans that effect strictly Walmart stores Canada Wide. I contacted the mall authority that informed me that that my assumption was correct, and that although the mall makes a separate ban. Walmart has there own. Well played Mr. Everict, it seems as if you are trying to avoid conflict and such...

bb757c13, 2015-05-05, 03:47PM CDT

Tell the security guard, "I won't EVER go back to walmart ever again since you are gonna treat me like that!" Security guard at McDonald's treated me like dirt shit, and never went back since!!

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