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Posted on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at 9:37am CDT by Hamondb3 H.

Company: The Real Estate Book

Location: New Media point drive


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The Real Estate book boasts there are no royaltie fees, no territory fees, no advertising fees. What they neglect to tell you is when you get into the businees for a moderately low cost of between 10 to 12k you are obligated to print between 18 to 20k magazines a month weather you sell pages or not. So the months when consumers dont move during the holidays and July and August you still have to poney up the printing cost every month. You have to float the book at your cost. The next problem is print is not so centrex to real estate sales. The the younger savvy brokers and agents are utilizing all the major social sites plus some are blogging on there own. If you take public transportation look around the bus or subway everyone is on the smart phone tablets etc. Not to many people are reading a newspaper. Ask your son or daughter if they buy newspapers if they are under 40 chances are they are not. Think Block Buster then think Netflix. If you dont believe this post go to 10 brokers and try to sell a page for 400.00. You are trying to sell a dinasaur, they very politly tell you they prefer the Social sites. Not mentioning when you tell them you are from the Real Estate Book their eyes roll back into their heads. People at The Real Estate book are very slick sales people. When you take the training course you are led to believe brokers are going to knock down your door to be in your book. I spent 2 years only to find out the media is dated as so is the book. If you ask them what happened to the previous dealer they come up with the same lame excuse. They retired,they did not work hard enough, they retired. In most cases they either walked away from it or have just given it back. If your are looking for a business look for something that has a future. Still dont believe it ? Next time you are at the supermarket take a look how thin the books are at the check out. Prior to the net those books were super thick.

Going digital means no trucks,less pullution, no union workers,and benefits plus more trees. I am hoping you will not make the same mistake I did. Well I am young enough to recover and I did. The message is do your homework dont believe these guys they are very slick.


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