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Posted on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at 8:03pm CDT by Doaa T.

Product: Lumixyl


Location: 1700 7th Avenue, Unit 2100
SEATLE, WA, 98101, US


Category: Health, Beauty

I ordered from them a cream for USD 120 .. its called lumixyl ..that order was in mid august 2012i discovered a moth ago that its expired last april (april 2013)!!!!!!!i sent them and they told me to send a photo for the product .. and i did .. and i sent them a photo for the product and another photo for the lot number underneath it the expiry date ..the lot number and the expiry date are at the bottom of the bottle .. PS. THEY DID NOT ASK FOR IT .. I DID VOLUNTARILYthere reply was "its not our lot number"!!!!!thats so unfair ... they send me almost expired product and they got away with it!!!i really need help on that .. coz i discovered that so many sites does that ... and its becoming ridiculousthank you so much for your help


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