A&J Rolloff Waste removal - A&J waste removal stockbridge

Posted on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 at 8:05am CDT by jami m.

Company: A&J Rolloff Waste removal

Location: 5165 East Fairview RD Stockbridge, GA 30281

URL: ajrolloffinc.com

Category: Products, Services

This has got to be the most rude and vial company I have ever dealt with! I had my roof replaced and they were the dumpster delivery and pick up company. They came to pick up my dumpster and said t was too full and proceeded to pile any overflowing debris on my grass, I politely asked him to move it off my grass to keep it from dying, he said " where do you want me to move it"? "on the driveway" I said yes and he said well I'm not moving it again! I asked his name so I could call the company and he said "call the company " and pointed to the dumpster. So I called the company and they just brushed it off and offered no solution. I was crying at this point, nothing was done and debris still sits on my grass. the issue that it was to full was an issue between him and the contractors not the homeowner! He was yelling at me like I put debris in there!


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