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Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 2:35pm CDT by Marva H.

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Location: UT, US

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In April 2013 I signed up for a ONE-YEAR subscription to this genealogy resource. I rarely used these services, found the site difficult to naviagate--and had no intention of renewing.

I was very surprised to discover--after a credit card account with a long-standing zero balance suddenly showed a past-tude balance--that ANC ARCHIVES.COM had made an unauthorized $39.95 charge. Because the credit card account was past-due before I discvered this was happened, my low rate with this credit card provider was jeopardized.

I called (888)896-4442 to protest this unauthorized charge and demand a refund. They insisted that when I paid for the one-year subscription, I had agreed to let them renew indefinitely. I told them I would have have agreed to these arrangements. They said since 56 days has passed since they took it upon themselves to access this account and make the chage, it was too late for a refund.

I am certain I did not agree to indefinitely renew. If they had any such clause, it was hidden somewhere on the screen in fine print.

The services they provide simply are not that wonderful--and available free on other sites, and I would not have chosen to renew in any event.

Clearly they make their money counting on those they have duped to limit the resources expended to protest a $39.95 charge. I note that there are many other similar complaints--and that some claim this disreputable company has even made more charges after cancellation.

I will have to contact the credit card company to request a new account to limit this pilfering.



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4670952e, 2013-11-13, 04:31PM CST

In September and October when I received my Bank of America credit card statement I called 1-888-896-4442 to have the charges removed. I was told they would be, except last month the operator had said she couldn't do anything about the previous bill, but would remove Octobers, and take me off the billing list. Now, November statement has arrived, I have another charge on my bill. PLEASE REMOVE THESE IMMEDIATELY. All three. Or send me refund check immediately. total with the finance charges that I was charged by credit card are 34.45.

Linda Shannon

816 Dakota Avenue

Alliance, NE 69301

frances d., 2013-12-18, 04:53PM CST

I never even signed up for this service. I just found charge on AE card. Just spoke to someone who said they were affileaded with Ancestery but the system was down and I would have to wait until it was fixed. I have had Ancestery for many years and never had a problem with them. Since I never signed up is Ancestery selling or giving our info away? Another phone # is 888-896-4442.

Frances Dodge

1119 72nd Street

Newport News, VA 23605

a3bc8c62, 2014-03-03, 04:25PM CST

I received another charge on my credit card for ANC Archives .com. This will be the 7th month I have received this charge. I have no recollection of ever signing up for this program, and to my knowledge have never used it or any other archival program.

I have waited on the phone for a lengthy time to speak to someone, to no avail. Therefore, please STOP the process at once. I have been charged $55.65 for services I did not receive nor request.

Please cancel and delete whatever information you have. I would also be most interested in how my credit card number could be used.

Jean Stokes, Naples Florida

Kathleen P., 2015-02-07, 11:32PM CST

I say it's time for all of us to find an attorney and file a Class Action Lawsuit against ANC ARCHIVES!

M. M., 2015-05-30, 12:23PM CDT

Same thing just happened to me, not been to ancestry site in years nor did I ever tell anyone they could just charge my acct.! 5/30/2015. Called bank with complaint. Having new card issued and am filing fraudulent business practice against them. Everyone should do the same!

M. Mitchell, Florida.

3851d7ed, 2015-06-01, 10:19PM CDT

I was just charged 79.95, I do not need, want to use your service....just like every other comment here, cancel my account please

Eric Newbury

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