AAA/ Ron &Sons towing - AAA/ Ron &Sons Towing Unreliable workers and equipment

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 2:06pm CDT by James

Product: Towing

Company: AAA/ Ron &Sons towing

Location: KENVIL, NJ, 07847, US

Category: Products, Services

A few weeks ago my car broke down. Someone had an AAA card and called for a tow truck. AAA said they would be there in a half hour however it was almost an hour before they arrived. The truck was owned by Ron & Sons towing. The driver said about how great his truck was but about 5 miles to our exit the driver said something was wrong with the truck and pulled over. He unhooked our car and waited for someone else to come and then just left. We finally made it to the garage just minutes before they were going to close meaning the car couldn't be looked at then. The next day someone went down to check it out and the mechanic said there was a scratch from it being on the hook. If you call AAA ask who is coming and don't believe the time or anything these guys say.


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