Bangkok Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar - Never Eat Here!

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 11:55am CDT by c999520a

Company: Bangkok Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Location: WEATHERFORD, TX, 76087, US

Category: Food

I give this place zero stars. I literally cannot believe what just happened. I get my shrimp and go to take a bite, and there's poop hanging out all over my lip. The two owners come to my table pissed off telling me its normal. Seeing I'm not satisfied withthat answer, by the look on my face, they rudely grab the food off of the table. They then mumble under their breathe and roll their eyes at me as they are walking off. When the owners did that, a woman and her grandson I believe, I said excuse me sir but this was my first time here, and I will never come back for you treating me that way. His exact words were, "that's your problem". I was so floored at this point by their behavior that I could not stay there another second. I go up to the counter to pay my tab and again say excuse me sir... He looks right at me, turns around and walks away. So I just said this is unreal, I'm leaving. After we get outside, he gets in the Window and starts making faces at us!! Never eat at this place! Ever! I agree with the last comment, that the restaurant looked nice, and food looked good... But this is a business with no respect. The man I'm describing will be the young man texting behind the sushi bar.. and the women is an older lady working in the kitchen. Also, when we first got there... The young owner was discussing a table that walked out on them earlier that day.


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