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Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 8:14pm CDT by 0384bb7a

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Absolutely Horrendous customer service

I have just been tasked to purchase numerous new computers for one of my customer?s corporate offices. DELL was the first company to pop into my head, as I?ve used them before. But not on an order of this size, of over $5,000.

I went to their website, picked out a model that I liked and made the call to the customer service number for Business purchases. I?d assume that business clients would be better taken care of. Boy was I wrong.

I must preface the discussion with a side note. I recently read a good article about foreign customer service centers. These are large call centers where people are paid pretty much slave wages to answer phones and take orders. The article argued that the best way to get jobs back into the US is to request to be transferred to an operator in the US. Doing so will encourage the employer to bring back jobs from overseas. In addition, they are required to transfer you. Or so the article stated.

Here is my phone call. After going through a few menus, I was transferred to a person. The person answered in an obviously Asian accent and the following conversation ensued.

Hello, customer service. (the terrible female accent is a dead giveaway)

Hi. Where are you located?

We are in (unrecognizable), Philippines.

Oh. Could you please transfer me to a representative in the United States please?

Are you calling for a business of under 49 employees?

No I?m not. Please transfer me to a representative in the United States.

Are you looking to buy new computers?

I would like to be transferred to a call center in the US please.

I need to get some more information in order to process the call. What type of computers would you like?

I would be happy to discuss that information with someone in the United States. Please transfer me.


Excuse me?


Please transfer me to a sales representative in the US.


I want to talk to someone in the US. Please transfer me now.

You?re going to have to call the 800 number again.

I already called this number twice. I would like to be transferred to sales in the US.

No, I won?t be doing that.

Really. Um, OK. I would like to talk to your manager.


Please transfer me to you manager.

No. Are you deaf?


Are you deaf?

Are you kidding? What is your name?


What is your employee number?

I don?t have that information.

I want to talk to your manager.


Really. First you insult me, and then you lie to me. Please transfer me to your manager NOW.

You can call the 800 number again.

No, I don?t want to call the 800 number again.


Hello? Did you hang up on me? Transfer me to the US.


Shortly after this charade, I hung up. At this point, it was after 5pm. Calling the 800 number again kept sending me to a message informing me the business was closed, and the hours of operation. So let me get this all straight.

Multinational Corporation stops answering phones at exactly 5PM ? check

Call centers halfway around the world ? check

Rudest, most disrespectful sales associate I?ve ever dealt with ? check

Yea. DELL has lost my business for good. Hello HP!

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HYO KYUNG K., 2015-09-08, 06:03PM CDT

dELL CUSTOMER SERVICE was pretty crazy. I tried to reach them so many times, they don't even pick it up the phone call for almost one hour for three times and they transfer to the other representative and i waited for one hour again. I also used the other company before like samsung and acer. I had 6 samsung computers before and one acer computer. It was not that long.

I just want to get replacement or refund and even technician found out he cannot fix it, the he said I can get replacement after he can prove my computer is not good status. he tried to fix my computer one hour. Finally he admit he cannot fix. but the other representative dont want to give replacement. He just ignored me for a while as i dont know computer at all, and feel like threatened for getting heard you are gonna have debate for one month for replacement. Hello sir?, I just bought it. that's why I request.actually I recovered my computer again and I found out cd player is not working again and the computer cannot recognize. That's the reason I call. Still, really disappointed their service, its that hard to give the replacement or refund? I even emailed them and they say the business day is oneday, and actually I didnt get any message for oneday, thats why i called them again. I feel really werid and angry.

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