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On April 7, 2013, I purchased an Asus Tablet for my son. I liked my son's tablet so much that on April 10th I ordered one for myself. My son's tablet works great. My tablet started to show there was something wrong with it.

I started to notice waves of light when using certain programs. My son's tablet did not behave the same way. Suddenly, the waves of light became more noticeable and my colors for my icons and videos were faded out. It was obvious something was definitely wrong.

I sent an email to and asked about returning the tablet. I quickly got an email back from Heidy stating that my tablet was not returnable due to the fact that I opened the box! How else was I suppose to know that something was not right unless I opened the box and put the tablet to work?

Fortunately, or so I thought, I purchased a 1yr., 1day service contract. I called Newegg and spoke with a man who told me that I purchased an accidental damage policy, not a service contract. I was suppose to receive my contracts by email, but never did and he didn't offer to email them either.

I then went into my saved emails and found that if went to my receipt and clicked on the service contract, that it said what was covered. Well, the man I spoke with was wrong. It was NOT just an accident policy.

I called Newegg back and spoke with Mary. I asked her about being told that the tablet was non returnable and she said that was incorrect information. I then asked about the service contract and she gave me the phone number for SNET, the company that issues the service contract.

The lady at SNET, at first, tried to tell me that I had to go through the manufacturer. When I told her my contract said, "1yr. 1day", she changed her story. It got worse. Now, Karen tells me that it isn't really a service contract and that SNET does NOT repair, nor replace the tablet. They issue a gift card, or voucher. I told Karen that is NOT what is WRITTEN in the SERVICE CONTRACT. It was like talking to a brick wall.

I then called Newegg and spoke with Mary. Mary was surprised when I told her the service contract was not a service contract. SNET does not repair, or replace anything. Mary said they were supposed to repair or replace the tablet.

Mary is now contacting SNET to try and find out what is going on.

I can't believe no one at Newegg seems to know what they are doing or how to get anything done and done right.

I have a lot of friends that recommend Newegg, but from my experience, Newegg has not lived up to what my friends have said about them.

I will NEVER purchase another thing from them.

Now I have to wait 3 to 4 days to find out who is going to repair or replace my tablet.

My advice is to stay clear of

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547dd897, 2014-02-14, 07:45AM CST

This is an update to my original complaint. I did send the tablet back to Asus for repair at a cost of $25.

It is less than a year since I purchase my tablet from Newegg and I have had one problem after another with it. I am constantly calling Asus support. The tablet freezes. The touch screen does not always respond. My icons disappear and I have to search for them. It does not always find my router. The keyboard types the wrong letters, even when I hit the correct one. Typing anything is S---L---O---W. It will not charge using the power cord. I have to attach it to the dock. I have had other problems but too many to remember.

It is one of the worst purchases I have ever made.

I have not purchased another thing from Newegg and doubt if I ever will. Nor will I purchase another Asus product. Both companies lack good customer service.

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