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Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2013 at 12:04pm CDT by 30b2a14d

Product: Landscape Services

Company: American Arbor Services

Location: 6021 North Carl G. Rose Hwy.


Category: Products, Services

Mr. Vincent Parker, who owns company, gave me a quote to trim our shrubs, clean out some bushes, trim some palms, and clean up and remove debri and fertilize shrubs. When I came home he had done such a lousy job I couldn't believe it. The shrubs he trimmed did not match the ones around them. Some were higher, some lower, some flat on top some rounded right next to it. A large prawn from our pindo palm was lying on the ground on one end and still attached to the tree at the other. Bark was laying all over the lawn. He was supposed to edge our lawn but didn't. He trimmed a tree next to the house and took off whole "branches" and left the whole back side open. It looks terrible. He charged us a huge fee for 50 lbs. of fertilizer and if he put down 20 I would be surprised. Couldn't even see it on the ground. This man does not know what he is doing. Couldn't even name the shrubs we have. He took our money and ran and did not return my phone call. Stay away!


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