Aspen Dental - Worst dentist visit ever

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2013 at 2:12pm CDT by Sara S.

Company: Aspen Dental

Location: FAIRFIELD, OH, 45011, US

Category: Health, Beauty

called about an extraction on a broken tooth that was causing severe pain and making it impossible to even eat. When I get there for what I thought was emergency extraction(sign on door says emergencies and walk-ins welcome) they take me in for full X-rays and then to wait for dr to come in. 2 hours later I am told I can talk to their "office manager" about payment plans for all the work i need done. I asked them about the extraction on the tooth that was killing me, and his response was "oh when you go talk to the office manager he can set up that appt." Never once when scheduling appointment did they say i was going to have a pre appointment for this extraction. Then they said they would be nice enough to squeeze me in to get this taken care of and when did i want to come in for he other work the dentist wants me to get, procedures totaling 9500.00. i moved on from his snarky comments and waited for them to squeeze me in to extract tooth(mind you I did call around to 11 other dental places at this point to find anyone else to do this). no forewarning he stuck needle in gum 3 times I teared up and the dentist actually looked at me and said oh you cant feel that why are you crying this is ridiculous. I did at that point get upset, I was already in pain and he had me wait over 3 hours once getting to the office to get this extraction, so i did ask him why he was being a jerk. He left office slamming things came back 45 minutes later to stab me some more, pull tooth, write me an antibiotic, and when i told him i have ultrams at home that i had taken to get rid of said pain and it didn't work he took away the ultram prescription and said well hope you can sleep tonight then. I have never in my life been treated so terrible. I will not only NEVER go back there but i will be certain that I let others know how horrible they are.


2bb9b147, 2013-07-02, 02:06PM CDT

I waited a while, but everyone was nice enough...

13ce4bfa, 2013-08-05, 10:58AM CDT

I agree this is the worst place to go I went to Aspen in Peoria and paid $900.00 for lower dentures that fall right out of my mouth I kept going back and they kept screwing up. I could have went several other places that were cheaper but they were new and on my ppo for insurance and they were suppose to be custom fit I paid a total of $2000.00 and now I have to have another set made somewhere else I also had problems with wait time and them canceling apointments SPREAD THE WORD DO NOT GO TO ASPEN DENTAL!

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