King Moving and Storage - Terrible Customer Service and Misrepresentation of Availability

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2013 at 2:28pm CDT by af4a1718

Product: Local Moving Company

Company: King Moving and Storage

Location: 2153 Wabash St. Denver, CO 80231
CO, 80231, US


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Although scheduling and the estimation process was fairly easy (even though I had to ask for the estimation email a couple times before I recieved it), and contract actually states something different from what was described on the phone - the unforgettable, unprofessionalism and worst customer service is all focused on the delay of service.

First I was told that the truck would be at my house at 11am, prior to accepting the contract. Afterwards, I was informed between 11-12 - which was the first time I was informed it was a slot of time.

At 12:30 the truck had not arrived - without any call as to the reason, or that they were going to be late. I had recieved a voicemail the night prior asking if I would be willing to delay the arrival of the truck by 30 min to an hour and to call back. I called back (no one answered) and I said no I didn't want to delay because I had a prior engagement at 5pm that evening so I needed to be on time.

At 12:30 I called the company to ask where the truck was and they said they would check and call back. They never did, so after another 30 min I called back and they said - let me check and call you back. Again - they did not - on the 3rd try they called back and said the truck was running late. By this time it was 3PM - 3 HOURS AFTER MY TIME SLOT. They told me it would be be another 1.5 hr before they could get there. They were not apologetic, they did not offer any discount - nothing.

At 4pm, after sitting in a empty house, and taking off work on a friday for a move (as well as my friends who took off work) that should have only taken 2 hrs - I asked to speak to a supervisor. The guy on the phone said she couldn't do anything for me, that he could take off 10% and no more. I finally was transfered to her and she said - I can give you 15% off but thats it, and I told her - my friends and I all took off work for a few hours to do this and I have been sitting in an empty house with no services, no food, no internet, etc for 5 hrs and that they are in breach of contract. She rudely said "well what do you expect then!, I can not give it to you for free". I ended up getting an hour off ($79) with quite an effort on my part to even get that. The dispatcher had a truck in the area but was not sending it to my house until I AGREED to the cost again. The truck arrived at 5pm!! My contracted scheduled time was 10-11am!

The drivers/lifters had NO IDEA that I had been waiting for that long. They were nice and kind, and told me that they schedule too many people at one time and that they do not have enough trucks to accomplish the schedules - and that they expect the drivers to 'tell' the customer.

The move indeed only took the 2 hours as expected, but by the time we finished it was too late for me to make my other engagement that I had been planning for 2 weeks.

I will never use this company again, if you value to your time, then I recommend you using someone else!


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