Best Buy - First "Best Buy" bullied, harassed and Blackmailed me until I called the Police to get my repair back, AND then they stole a component IN-STORE!

Posted on Sunday, June 16th, 2013 at 1:22pm CDT by BestBuyAreCriminals

Company: Best Buy

Location: 5102 Avenue U Ste 0171 Brooklyn, NY 11234


Category: Consumer Electronics

I am now seeking both criminal charges as well as compensation. They bullied and blackmailed me until I called the Police, then they humiliated me too. I took my computer in for repair at the Best Buy store at Kings Plaza on Avenue U and Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. They sent it out under warranty and I also told them in addition to hardware, the recovery disk never burned right, so I needed a new recovery disk.

It came back, I tried to pick it up today (6/13/13), I owe no money cause all repairs are covered. They refused to give me a new recovery disk even though it did not burn right out of the box. I would not sign papers saying all work was done to my satisfaction because not all work was done and I could not test what was done.

Tech Andrew took the computer right out of my hands saying he was "just going to clean it" but then refused to give it back because i would not sign saying all the work was done right (cant say it unless I can take it home and test it). Delilia, the asst. mgr., said the same thing.

I called the police. While waiting, I called the best buy 800 number. The girl on the phone told me I had to purchase the recovery cd for 40 dollars if I wanted my computer back. I told her I didn't owe anything for repairs, that all repairs were covered, and I was not given a disk, so why did I have to pay. She said if I want my computer back, I have to pay 40 dollars for the disk. I asked her name and said I was going to report her, she said "Go [curse word] yourself, I'm not giving you anything" and hung up on me. I wrote this less than 30 mins after the incident. Delila was right next to me at the end of call, and I told her what they said. She then said that's correct, I have to pay 40 dollars to buy the disk if I want my computer back. Again I emphasized I owed nothing and no software work was done and I didn't get the disk, but they were blackmailing me. I'm not paying for them to restore the computer, I can do that myself, and they won't replace the recovery disks that never burned right in the first place (won't burn it now cause I get intermittent blue screen issues, so OS is faulty, not making a faulty recovery disk).

When the police came, Andrew and Delilia changed their stories and lied to the police, saying I only needed to sign to say I got the computer. They kept looking at each other and smiling, like it was all some kind of game. It was extremely humiliating, degrading and insulting. I was trying to be honest, and they lied and thought it was funny!

They lied to me, to the police, they took my computer out of my hands forcibly under false pretense, they took my computer hostage and tried to steal it, they harassed and humiliated me even in front of the police, they blackmailed me too. This is not the first problem either. I previously had 150 gift certificate and lost it, and called them immediately. Even though it was not spent yet, they would not replace it because I didn't have the physical receipt since it was a gift, even though I had ALL the numbers written down and could prove I owned it. Not only that, but my last computer also under warranty with them was supposed to be replaced at 4 repairs. I had to bring it in 6 times for repairs before they would replace it, and made 4 extra trips because they would not fix defective repairs (the new screen had dings in it), IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

And now making things even worse, here it is three days later I just now turned on the computer at home to set it up to do some work, and I got another BAD surprise from them. Here's what they did. When they first turned it on in the store in front of me BEFORE they forcibly took it out of my hands under false pretense, I had both internal drives working fine (its supposed to have 2 internal drive at 500 Gb each, total of 1 Tb storage). After all that fighting and he took out of my hands by force while lying about the reason because I would not sign the papers saying work was done when it was not, now it only shows ONE internal drive. He removed the other drive on purposed because it was working when he first turned it on BEFORE the crap hit the fan. The bastard stole my second drive in spite!!!

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BestBuyAreCriminals, 2013-07-12, 10:21AM CDT

I let Best Buy evaluate the computer at a different store and found they also took a memory chip. I have a record of the meeting word-for-word. Their follow up response was a direct lie in comparison to the meeting. I have concrete proof. I have hard proof of the specs my computer was sold with including s/n's of each part number in dispute. I have hard proof that the computer did have the factory installed drives right up until 5/13/13, just before I sent it to be repaired by Best Buy. And I have proof that they had plenty of time to remove the parts while waiting for the police. I have a technician who will verify this. At this time, I am seeking to prosecute each individual involved as well as the corporation for both criminal charges as well as a civil suit.

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