Wal-Mart - Assaulted by a Walmart Security Guard

Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2013 at 11:33am CDT by Karen R.

Company: Wal-Mart

Location: US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

On 6/9/2013 at approximately 11:35 PM MDT I was sitting in my car in the far east parking lot at Wal-Mart 8300 Overland Rd Boise ID. I had purchased some black pants and a new top for work. Although I appreciate that brand of pants which is a good brand and the new top which is not always a good brand, but happened to fit me?I DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING ASSAULTED BY ONE OF YOUR SECURITY GUARDS IN THAT PARKING LOT. NOR DO I RESPOND FAVORABLY TO THAT!

After making my purchases I realized I forgot to purchase some sanitary pads, and this was the same time my favorite Coast to Coast host Ian Punnett was on the radio. I wanted to listen to him for a little while until a long break came up before going back into the store.

I feel things ahead of time. I felt someone heading towards my car and I felt him to be a male and I felt him to have very bad energy. Very violent energy. In other words, I felt whoever was approaching my car was bad news. Not only for me, but for the city of Boise. I turned around and didn?t see him coming. After a few minutes a blue truck with a personalized license plate started driving towards this far lot I was sitting in. I thought to myself this Mother Fucker is going to ruin my enjoyment of listening to one of Ian?s last radio shows.

Sure enough the guy approaches my car in his truck and pulls up behind my car. He was wearing a tan t-shirt. No badge of any kind. I had my cell phone in my hand and was going to take a picture of him for identification purposes if he dared to harm me. I had my windows down. Unlike him, I am not fear based in my thinking thus the reason why I had my windows down. Plus it was a hot night.

He approached my car. I had my cell phone in my hand, which I was holding inside my car. He said ?Wal-Mart Security?. I held up my cell phone. He then reached inside my car grabbed my arm in a tight grip that briefly hurt me and then grabbed my cell phone. He was actually trying to rip my cell phone out of my hand. Look, I don?t even allow insects and bees in my car! Because of the arrogance, illegality, and atrocity he was doing right before my very eyes, I held on tight to my cell phone. Here is another thing. At the time, I had a lit cigarette in my other hand.

THIS IS SO ME AND HOW I AM AT TIMES (probably because I am an empath)?I was actually worried about him getting burned with my lit cigarette, yet I wasn?t about to let him confiscate my cell phone. Hind sight maybe it would have been got him in even more trouble if I simply let him steal my cell phone. He told me I wasn?t allowed to videotape on his property. I wasn?t videotaping him, nor was I recording him, nor at that point was I ready to get a picture of him. News flash to that stupid cowardly little ninny dirt bag criminal?he needs to get some discerning skills. But with as much pathological lying that he does I do not see that happening anytime soon.

He backed up went to his truck and yelled he was going to call the police. I said, call the police. Then told him I am going to also do that. I then called Sonia sp? Dispatcher at BPD. Told her the story. She said wait for the police to come. I did. A few minutes later ninny bully boy returns with Christine from Wal-Mart and now he is wearing a badge. I tell them I am waiting for the police to come. They tell me to leave. I call the police again, and this time it is another dispatcher and I tell her they want me to leave. She suggested going over into the nearby other lot at Lowe?s and she would tell the BPD. So I did.

This ninny refused to tell me his name. This ninny was not wearing any kind of badge. Whether he was wearing a badge or not wearing a badge, he is not allowed to reach inside my car and assault me, nor is he allowed to reach inside my car and confiscate any of my property. This ninny decided I was going to camp in the Wal-Mart parking lot when Wal-Mart in fact very well knows that I have honored their new signs and sometimes I listen to the radio in my car in their lot but have certainly honored their new signs. And, if this dirt bag criminal doesn?t at least know that, I suggest to Wal-Mart they fire him immediately or Wal-Mart shall be fired. Furthermore, I suggest Wal-Mart offer me the most humble sincere apology they have ever given to anyone. That is to be hand written and given to me personally. IMMEDIATELY.

I am one of their best customers, and at this point you may just find yourselves in a sense eating Sam Walton?s words?THE CUSTOMER CAN FIRE YOU!

Truly, Karen Romero


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Lily M., 2013-07-21, 12:32AM CDT

Do you really think you'll accomplish that through caps lock on the internet?

Robin M., 2013-08-30, 05:09PM CDT

One of Walmart's best customers? Don't flatter yourself! You sound like a complete nut-job! And, what the heck is a ninny????

Sineta G., 2016-02-10, 05:27AM CST

Why do you people care more about how she told her story than what happened to her at WalMart? What a sad commentary on the sheeple in our 'society' and a 'ninny' is short for nincompoop. If you don't know what that is either, a ninny is an idiot, imbecile, or person of low character and intelligence.

That should have been a word you've come across once or twice in a book.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story in such an entertaining manner and I hope you do get your apology. That's not asking much - other people have sued for less.

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