AT&T - No Customer Service At AT&T

Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 11:47am CDT by 0b65c247

Product: Home Phone Service

Company: AT&T

Location: HOUSTON, TX, US


Category: Telecommunications

On May 13, of this year we asked AT&T to transfer our phone to our new address effective May 24. We also signed up for their U-verse service. We were promised we could keep our old phone number. Fast forward, on May 24, our old phone number was disconnected, and we had a new phone number (no forwarding message on old phone number, just disconnected)!

We called, the AT&T rep accually turned off the phone we were calling from (at our new home while we were talking) and turned on the old phone number at our old residents!

Many call, hours on the phone, and days later we still don't have our phone number; we are receiving billing for phone & DSL service at our old address (old phone now has forwarding message to one of our cell phones and we have on idea if the DSL is still connected since we MOVED ).

No matter who we talk to, they all say they will fix it, and no matter how many times we call, NOTHING GETS DONE!

We even got the direct number of a specialist but after leaving five or six messages on her voicemail over the course of four days we gave up. She NEVER returned our calls!

We are dumping all AT&T service (phone, internet, u-verse) as they are completely unable to do a simple transfer.

I would love to talk to someone in upper management just to ask them WTF?


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