Tesco - Terrible food, terrible customer service

Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 12:21pm CDT by Eileen

Company: Tesco

Location: UK

Category: Food

Two days ago I purchased 3 x packs of Tesco Classic Beef Dinner and the meat was so tough it could not be either cut with a knife or chewed - any of it!. I have just complained to Tesco head office who are prepared to offer me in the form of a Tesco Money card a refund plus an extra 50p. In order to get this I had to route around in a bin for the packets, spend half an hour finding product codes, supplier codes, bar codes and three other things on the dirty packs. I had to supply my address, name of store, sell by dates and one or two other things. In addition I supplied my till receipt number and date. The whole exercise combined with another two emails took an hour. I presume the extra 50p was for my time and trouble to do all this plus to compensate the three of us for an inedible meal last night. In order to recover this money though, I have to go back to Tesco and spend it there. What a dreadful way to treat customers. Inedible ready meals, 50p for my trouble and a pat on the head but only if I travel the 5 mile round trip to collect it all.

I have just protested at the niggardly way this has been dealt with and they replied that the refund was a gesture of goodwill. And there was me thinking that I was entitled to a refund because the goods sold were not fit for purpose - silly me. Maybe they meant the 50p was the gesture of goodwill???

Their last missive is pasted here. As I am sure you will understand, no amount of inconvenience can be rectified with a measurement of money, I believe the most effective way to deal with this issue would be to ensure that this does not happen to yourself or others in future. In this case, I believe we?ve have done everything we can.

So it seems they can sell any old rubbish and those who complain can get their money back plus 50p petrol money to go and collect it. Tesco, shame on you


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