Walmart - Walmart Shoppers Stupid Or Crazy?

Posted on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 at 7:44pm CDT by c458eec9

Company: Walmart

Location: APOPKA, FL, US

Category: Other

Ok this is getting stupid first we have shoppers who walk out in front of we have shoppers who shouldn't be allowed to's rainy season here..on the 8th of June I drove my car to the front of the store loaded it up and was getting ready to leave another car was in front of me parked no one was I'm getting ready to leave another driver drove right up on my rear bumper hemming me in then began honking her horn at me..I rolled down my window and asked her to move so I could pull out her response more horn honking and cursing me..meanwhile it's raining hard..this idiot refuses to back her car up even though no one was behind her blocking her in..she finally pulls back about a couple of inches I was able to back up a little then pull forward and as I'm about to attempt to pull out she pulls up on my a** again and begins honking her horn even the meantime

cars are passing us people are walking between our cars to go to their cars and she's honking her horn and cursing me like a I'm about to finally pull out she pulls up beside me parks her car right up on my front bumper then gets out of her car and begins cursing me and yelling the f word at me so I roll down my window and and informed her if she would get her fat a** in her car and move the d**n thing I could leave..she yelled a few more things at me got in her car pulled up enough to let me out coz others were telling her she was hemming me in

to where I could not I was pulling out she drove her car right up against the side of my car pinning my partners door shut and stopping me from leaving..I informed my wife I was going to jail coz I was gonna get out and deck the b***h..I once knocked a 6 ft 250 lbs man out cold I am pretty sure I could have put her fat a** down too..finally her own daughter came out and told her we could leave if she would move the I was leaving she was lying through her teeth about what happened, she said I hemmed her in and refused to leave.. I told her if she opened her lying mouth one more time I would get out and punch her lights out..she shut up at least until I was gone..she's a regular customer so I'm keeping my eye out for her..the b***h!

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c458eec9, 2014-01-04, 08:05PM CST

LOL she was in the store once while I was there and she went out of her way to avoid me completely..I have not seen her since..could have been coz I followed her all over the store..

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