Lifetime Fitness - Lifetime Fitness Took $960 While I was Incapacitated

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 3:12pm CDT by Andrew C.

Product: Health Club Unauthorized Charges

Company: Lifetime Fitness

Location: 2902 corporate place chanhassen, MN 55317

Category: Unauthorized Charges

In my opinion, Life Time Fitness stole $960 from me. The money they stole should be refunded and they should be prosecuted. These are the facts:

In April, 2011 I had a stroke from which I have yet to recover

The first time I had access to my email and charge account details was two months ago in February, 2013 (after 22 months of recovery),

In July, 2011 after my father obtained Lifetime Fitness delinquent notice to me, he called Lifetime Fitness:

advised them that I had a stroke and was incapacitated

asked my membership be terminated

was told he could not terminate the Lifetime Fitness account on my behalf but only the member could in person at a health club

Lifetime Fitness would suspend the account if they received a letter from a doctor

A letter from the doctor was provided together with a letter from my father requesting the membership be suspended for the foreseeable future

In late March, 2013, I obtained copies of my old charge card statements on an account I believed was deactivated. I was shocked to find that Lifetime Fitness was charging my account since January, 2012. When we called, to complain I was told it was my tough luck.

In the letter to the Illinois Attorney General (to whom I complained), Lifetime Fitness cited their policies. Basically these policies give them the ability to steal from those incapacitated. It will be interesting to see if the Attorney General investigates this company and see how many charge accounts are being charged on members not utilizing the facilities possibly even our soldiers overseas. My guess is the Attorney General would find many others and perhaps even members who are deceased. This company is unbelievable.


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